VOL 1 | FEB 2020
Carleton Lodge - Betty's Walk Funding
With $10K in grant funding from Betty's Walk, Carleton Lodge was able to purchase 5 Ambient Activity boards for its dementia units and 5 for each of its other units.
The boards provide residents and clients with dementia an opportunity to engage in activities while walking, or wheeling, down the halls. Carleton Lodge is beyond happy with its purchases that were made possible by Betty’s Walk. The team looks forward to engaging residents with these bright, colourful, and stimulating boards. 

Would you like to support other initiatives like this? Please consider donating to the Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa
Alzheimer Awareness Month
January was Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. This new year, let’s leave dementia stigma behind! We resolve to help people see dementia differently. Will you join us? Check out for useful information and resources to help you learn more and take action to end dementia stigma.
Reminiscence Therapy
“Quality-of-life initiatives have become increasingly vital as drugs to reverse disease or markedly ease symptoms aren't panning out.” --- Learn about reminiscence therapy and how it allows those with dementia to immerse themselves in their past and feel joy. 
OLTCA 2019 Report
The Ontario Long-Term Care Association issues a report each year detailing the the current state of the field, as well as top priorities for the future. The 2019 report puts the spotlight on the impact of dementia, new evidence about quality of care, and the need for more staff. You can read the report here.
Seniors Care - Where do I start?
The range of supports and services for Seniors in Ontario is extensive and can seem overwhelming if you or someone you care about is needing support or assistance in their daily lives. So where do you start? Check out this overview from Advantage Ontario for information on not-for-profit long term care homes, housing and community services for seniors. It's a good place to start.