Your kind donations answered many prayers
in Texas and Florida
At 10:00am on Monday, August 28th we received the confirmation to send 3 motorcoaches to
San Antonio, Texas for Hurricane Harvey disaster relief. Once the word got out,
the donations started coming in and within 4 hours our 3 motorcoaches
were on their way to the San Antonio Food Bank
with 60,000 pounds of supplies.
San Antonio Food Bank Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts
San Antonio Food Bank Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts
We continued
to collect donations over the next 11 days.

From Harrisburg to Lancaster to Gettysburg to Northern Maryland, we received donations from over 500 individuals and over 100 businesses.

Your kindness was shown through donated supplies, goods and services.
Over 200
friends, family, business associates, teachers, students, neighbors and Bailey Coach employees kindly sacrificed their precious time to sort, pack, and wrap 300 pallets worth of supplies! These pallets filled 11 tractor trailers that were sent to Texas and Florida.

Our journey is not finished yet...

Bailey Coach still needs YOUR help in completing our task. We hired the trucking companies to deliver the supplies to San Antonio, Texas
and Tampa, Florida.

We need to raise an additional $30,000 to pay for trucking costs.
A tax deductible donation can be made to the
York County Community Foundation
to help pay for these costs.
Special THANKS to our Volunteer Organizer...
Betty Stein - tirelessly arranging help each and every day!

Special THANKS to all of the businesses, schools, churches, and organizations who graciously helped us...

*our apologies if any businesses, schools, churches, or organizations were missed
due to unrecorded information*
No matter how different we may seem, in times of chaos we always stand together as American citizens and mourn the same losses and celebrate the same victories.

Together we stand. In God we trust.