October 2017
MissSaniya, 11, and Tatiana, 8, are looking for a home where they can be together.

MissSaniya, who prefers to be called Saniya, is a bright, young girl who does well in school. She enjoys playing sports - especially basketball - with her friends. She is a great big sister and enjoys being a role model for her younger sister.

Tatiana likes to play outside, read books and play with her Shopkins. She does well in school and definitely strives to be her best.

These beautiful sisters would do best with a family that lives an active, structured lifestyle.

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Manufacturing training is a path to opportunity in Hamilton County

We run a one-stop employment center in Hamilton County and people often ask me what career fields are the most promising.

Of course information technology, truck driving and health care are at the top of the list, but I increasingly point to an old staple for the US economy: manufacturing.

Manufacturing is not viewed as a high-growth industry, but skilled manufacturing workers are in great demand for two reasons: young people seeking to enter the workforce are not prone to choose the manufacturing industry, and veteran employees who are near retirement age are neither inclined, nor motivated, to gain new skills through long-term or in-depth training.

This means opportunity. The fact that Hamilton County's unemployment rate has fallen from 11 percent in 2010 to 4.7 percent in August of 2017 has only increased that opportunity.

Right now, highly-skilled manufacturing workers who get laid off typically are able to walk from one employer to the other without the need for third-party intervention or new training. In July of 2017, we were awarded a federal grant of $150,000 to assist workers laid off in manufacturing staff reductions. So far, we are finding very little demand for these dollars.

We are grateful to Haile and MSJ for our co-op students

As we settle into a new school year, we feel fortunate to have a great team of co-op students working for us as they continue their studies at Mount St. Joseph University.

This is the seventh year for the partnership between JFS, the Mount and The Haile Foundation, which funds the program. Started as a way to help JFS fill in some gaps after significant layoffs, the program offers pay and experience to the students and has evolved into a great recruitment tool for us.
Chris Kokenge

About 10 students who worked with us as interns ultimately took full-time jobs at HCJFS. Five former students currently work here full time.

One of them is Chris Kokenge, a child care field investigator who makes sure the facilities we recommend meet standards.

"The co-op program most certainly helped prepare me for my current position," he said. "First and foremost, at HCJFS I was given the opportunity to shadow people in my current position that were outside of my co-op area. This level of flexibility allows you to see the great variety of occupations at Job and Family Services and might greatly influence your career path after graduation.
Keyasia Mitchell

"In addition to this, I learned a great deal of office-related skills that might seem unimportant, but they can make all the difference in the hiring process."

Cody Minella has worked at the agency as a co-op for 2 1/2 years. He finished his marketing degree at the Mount and now is working on his MBA. He hopes to find a job at HCJFS after graduation.

"I like the people I work with," he said. "They include me in everything. They don't treat me differently because I'm just here part-time."

Weir a finalist for  leadership award

HCJFS Director Moira Weir has been chosen as a national finalist for an award recognizing government leaders.

Weir was named one of ten finalists for a 2017 Route Fifty Navigator Award in the category of Agency and Department Leadership. Weir was praised as someone who has built the foundation for success and created an environment for innovation.

She was one of nearly 300 people nominated for the award. 

Route Fifty is a private entity that aims to connect government leaders with relevant news, insight and resources. It bills itself as an essential source for learning about the great ideas, cutting-edge programs and success stories in government operations across the nation.

Winners will be announced Nov. 15.

Since 2009, Hamilton County JFS has won 16 innovation awards - more than any other government agency in Ohio - from the National Association of Counties.