We are changing Russia into a Godly nation!

Women's conference changed women's perspective!

MAY THE HARVEST BE IN FRONT OF YOU! Ruth 2:9 ( Russian translation)

Women from Lukhovitsy, Ryazan', Kolomna, Voskresensk, Zaraysk and Moscow came together to get inspiration to keep their priorities correct!

The Great Commission is what is the most important! The words of Boaz to Ruth from the book of Ruth were the main theme! Yes we are mothers and wives and grandmothers etc. but while we are here on the earth - we are God's agents to proclaim the Good News that Jesus saved all people from their sins and they need to believe in Him!

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Nina Ryakhovskaya was the Key speaker. She and her husband come from generations of believers who were persecuted by KGB during communist times! And she inspired women to live Only for Jesus, to follow only Him!

At the end of her message she and I prayed for women and prophesied to them and the Holy Spirit moved mightily and healed and set free women!


During talk show session with Nina, she shared outstanding stories of underground church that was severely persecuted during communism era. We have heard how God would guide Christians to pass secretly notes written in a code language about where and when next home meeting will take place for believers. So that KGB would not know and would not arrest believers. The main target of KGB were male leaders of the church. The miracles and amazing God's guidance and protection were so supernatural, that I could relate those testimonies to the Book of Acts! Christians literally considered Jesus as their life and death as a privilege to be with Him face to face. I felt the Lord was saying to me - WELCOME TO MY GREAT HERITAGE OF PERSECUTED CHURCH OF RUSSIA! YOU ARE THEIR FRUIT! Follow their example and pass the baton to the nest generation!

We cried and worshiped together, prayed for each other and thanked God for an honour to continue this amazing history of bringing forth the Light of the Gospel to the most remote areas of Russia and see it change into a Godly nation!

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