Dear Friends and Patients,

For forty years now, I have been very pleased to offer services designed to improve women’s health and empower all of you, men and women, to put the puzzle pieces together for healthy aging. When I began the Concierge service, I told you that I wanted more time to investigate and study new technologies and cutting edge therapies, which I can bring back to you, my beloved patients. And now, through our medical office at Age Management MD, I am proud to announce that we will soon be offering additional services that are designed to serve your physical needs and complement the gains you have made toward healthy aging, successfully utilizing preventive supplements and balanced bioidentical hormones. These new treatments are in the areas of Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine (including PRP and Stem Cell Therapy). I am so darned excited I can’t contain myself! :-)

Two new doctors are being added to the practice. They come with years of experience and proven success. Whether you want to look better on the exterior, eliminate the pain in your joints, or have a more satisfying sexual experience, I want you to know that our team is strong, talented, and specialized. We will do our very best to fix the source of a given problem and not just the symptom. Dr. Jennifer Lee, plastic surgeon, will be doing Botox or Dysport, filler, liposuction, laser resurfacing, and other cosmetic procedures. Dr. Steve Sniadach has a wealth of experience injecting joints for cartilage regrowth and pain relief in knees, shoulders, hips, elbows, and finger joints. With forty years of experience, I am exceedingly well qualified to be providing solutions to urinary incontinence or sexual enhancement with vaginal rejuvenation, the Fem Shot or the Male Shot. All of us will do hair restoration with PRP and/or Stem Cells. The three of us make a tremendous team that can provide great expertise for any service you may want or need.

Over the next few weeks, we will be hosting a series of events, designed to enlighten you on these new treatment options. If you have the opportunity to attend any one of these events, please do so as I’m sure you will find it quite fascinating…and just perhaps, we may be able to help you overcome a nagging physical issue that has become progressively worse. I appreciate your continued patronage and look forward to seeing you soon.

Dr. William Lee
More information in the coming days!
Watch for the following Evenings of Engagements (EoE):

EoE 1: Tuesday, June 12th at 6pm                        (Aesthetics)
EoE 2: Tuesday, June 19th at 6pm                        (Regenerative Medicine: PRP & Stem Cell Therapy)
EoE 3: Saturday, June 23rd at 9am to Noon     (Both Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine)
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