As Hamas waged war on Israeli citizens for 11 days, launching missiles on schools, hospitals, and civilian population, antisemites across the globe used the opportunity to openly promote Jew-hatred and commit violent attacks against Jews. The flood of violence is a stark example of how bigots use what they call ‘criticism of Israel’ as a way to justify and normalize antisemitism.
At the same time, the mainstream media, social media influencers, Hollywood stars, and some members of Congress increasingly demonized the Jewish State by spreading lies and false accusations. As a result, Jews were openly harassed and violently attacked on the streets of Los Angeles and New York and very few leaders spoke out to condone the violence.
Now more than ever, Jews and non-Jewish Americans must work together and do everything in our power to counter this violent hate before it’s too late. We must recognize that the enemies of Israel and the Jewish people are in fact the enemies of America, and implement a strategic philanthropy vision to empower a network that can defeat the axis of evil.
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In a new op-ed co-authored with Heritage Foundation's James Carafano, Adam writes that the US Administration must stand by Israel and against terrorism and hold accountable those seeking to undermine America and its allies. As long as Hamas has a chokehold on Gaza, there can be no peace.
Stand By Me is a nonprofit organization led by Gila that provides care and services to Israeli-American cancer patients and their families in Los Angeles. Please consider donating to ensure that Stand by Me can continue to fulfill its mission to make sure no one faces cancer alone.
The Jerusalem Post’s Sigal Ben David interviewed Adam about how we should fight rising violent antisemitism. He explained his vision of moving from defense to offense, joining forces with other Americans, and exposing that the enemies of Israel and the Jewish people are first and utmost the enemies of America.
Finally, we invite you to learn about UN Watch, an exceptional non-profit organization dedicated to holding the United Nations accountable to its founding principles including leading the struggle against antisemitism at the UN and highlighting its unfair treatment towards Israel. 
With sincere love and admiration for America, the State of Israel, and the Jewish people,
Gila and Adam Milstein
This article was originally published in The Detroit News
“Make no mistake, Hamas and Islamic Jihad (IJ) are terrorist organizations. Their attacks on Israel have one purpose — blood, anybody’s blood, Jew, Arab or Palestinian, on the streets for fomenting anger and outrage. The goal: to derail the momentum for peace and normalization between the moderate Arab nations and Israel.
The Arab crowds rioting in the streets against Israelis and Jews are motivated by their religious beliefs and by tribal loyalty. But the violence against Israel is primarily directed, motivated, and influenced by Iran. This is a huge test for the U.S. and moderate Arab nations in the Middle East.”

Stand By Me
"With a warm heart and open arms, Stand By Me is the extended family in support of its brothers and sisters on their road to recovery." 

- President, Gila Milstein
Stand by Me is a nonprofit organization that was founded by Gila in 2009 in order to provide daily support to Israeli-American cancer patients and their families in Los Angeles.

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Stand By Me is in need of psychologists and therapists who can donate their time to provide mental guidance and assistance to our members and their families.
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Not Just a Jewish Problem: Strategy for Fighting Antisemitism in the US
This article was originally published in the Jerusalem Post
"The strategy for fighting Jew-hatred in the U.S. and around the world is to realize that antisemitism is not just a 'Jewish Problem.'"

Spotlight Organization: UN Watch
UN Watch holds the United Nations accountable, fights anti-Israel bias and antisemitism in the international arena, and defends human rights worldwide. This is done through diplomacy, UN testimony, major media messaging, social media campaigns, research publications, and conferences.
Israel is the only country in the world subjected to a standing agenda item at the UN Human Rights Council, where it is singled out and accused of crimes and human rights violations. In response, UN Watch published a detailed rebuttal to set the record straight.
The recently launched UN Watch Database monitors the actions and composition of key UN bodies and highlights the UN’s peculiar obsession with scapegoating Israel. The database was praised by Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan as a “phenomenal” digital advocacy tool to hold UN member states accountable for their biased votes.
Projects like these are entirely funded through charitable contributions. Please visit UN Watch’s website to learn more and support their vital work.
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