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Give Thanks! 
It's not about the turkey...

I am always modifying words to songs. A few weeks ago Ruth and I sang a song at church which began with a lot of phrases "It's not about the...." I think this could be adapted to:

"It's not about the turkey that tastes so good.
It's not about the football with plays that are so good.
It's not about the family, the kids, or the smell from the kitchen.
It's all about the thanks we give for all that we've been given."

This has been an interesting year! [Hint: I use the word "interesting" when I might have chosen an unacceptable word instead.]

It has been a time when we have been aghast at the political climate, regardless of our political affiliation. I saw friendships weakening. I even had a friend from 1959 ask me to unfriend them on Facebook. I know that there have been many times when I did not feel thankful. I could tell by my attitude.

Through all that, the sun kept coming up. Trees changed their colors. Crops were harvested. Many of my friends had their hunting season. Loved ones still looked at you through those same eyes that you have grown to love. And, blessing keep falling on believers, unbelievers, and people of all political stripes.

We have a choice. We can take note of our blessings or act like a spoiled kid who crosses their arms, frowns, and refuses to apologize. We can also choose to be thankful for our blessings and continue the blessing by blessing others.

This is Thanksgiving! We have unbelievable blessings and riches. For example, you have a computer [which may be disguised as a phone] so that you can read what I am writing. When I was in junior high school and watched Art Linkletter match up people using a Univac computer that took up a huge room, I had no idea that I would have a computer sitting on desk, lap, or the palm of my hand [let alone that my phone made that Univac look insignificant].

Think about the first Thanksgiving. They were thankful for finally having a good harvest. For being able to work together. For the decrease in deaths. For being able to build where there was nothing. To be able to give thanks [AKA worship] as they believed they were called.

Be thankful that we have a God that can put love in our hearts and joy in our souls. All that it takes from us is a rethinking of our importance.

Be joyful and give thanks to the living God!

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