We won't write tomorrow because it's #Giving Tuesday.
(And you will get a lot of mail.) But we want to thank you.
You have helped more than 2,000 vulnerable children and families this difficult year in so many ways:
Requests have tripled this year!
You provided hundreds of new chromebooks and laptops to students who otherwise couldn't virtually attend school, and hundreds of tablets to parents and foster children who needed them in order to participate in on-line visits together, because in-person visits were cancelled!
And hundreds of gift cards have been provided for food, warm clothes and activities to occupy and keep kids safe.
(Many second-hand stores are closed and families are still trying hard to avoid going out as much as possible.
Improve lives. Strengthen families. Help kids in need.
One Can Help offers a leg up, not just a hand out.
Help overcome poverty barriers preventing progress!
Provide resources. Advance racial justice and equity.
Juvenile court attorneys and social workers:
Help your vulnerable child or family clients here.
We send our best wishes and hope you are staying well.