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Dear Friends,

It's the Holiday Season, and many families are gathering for fellowship and food.

Grandma, the kids, and the grandchildren are all catching up on the events of the year. And while grandma is once again relaying the story about the handmade dress she wore to school, the kids and grandkids all are thinking about one thing...

What is grandma going to do with all that money?

Here's some food for thought.

Happy reading!
For Grandparents: How to Disinherit a Grandchild

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Many clients have investments, and during the Holidays a topic of conversation among the younger generation may include where grandma's investment account will go when grandma dies. Grandpa has already died, and now grandma has it all.

Grandma has one child, daughter Nell, and Nell is married to Snidely Whiplash. Nell and Snidely have four children, and grandma loves her grandchildren dearly.

As the investment advisor, you know that grandma can direct where her investment account will go by putting a beneficiary designation on the account.  These designations are often called Transfer on Death, or "TOD" designations. 

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