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Happy April to the Wonderful Financial Advisors Who Make Our Clients' Dreams come True.
Each day we meet with wonderful new clients who want to put their estate planning affairs into good order.  We review asset lists several times a day.  With rare exceptions, it is easy to immediately spot a client who has worked with a financial advisor and one who has not.  We see growth levels and protections in place from a financial advisor's guidance which helped our clients' dreams come true. The financial advisor helped to build their castle and continue to light the path of the future with financial guidance and security. 
Today's article deals with the somber topic of cognitive impairment.  Every financial and legal advisor has to worry about the cognitive impairment thief possibly stealing the financial and legal security of our mutual clients. Our job as attorneys is to help clients legally protect themselves during life and wisely dispose of their property upon death. Cognitive impairment is the dark horse in the race. Let's deal with it openly and provide ways to protect families from it.
We remain thankful for the financial guidance and personal care each financial advisor provides to our clients.  We wish everyone would take the opportunity to meet one of you and begin a better life of financial security.  Thank you, thank you, from all of us.  


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Over 1 billion people worldwide are age 60 or above, a number expected to grow to over 2 billion within 30 years. Longevity is too often accompanied by diminished capacity.  Cognitive impairment, defined as a decreased ability to think and remember, can frustrate life and create legal and medical challenges for families, caregivers, and legal and financial advisors.

Early legal planning helps minimize the uncertainty of incapacity. Professional advisors are positioned to be watchdogs for their client's safety in areas under the Advisor's control. Early in the client relationship, agreed upon family members should be included in a family meeting to help advisors form a network of individuals who can legally share information pertinent to the wellbeing of the client through written authorization.

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