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Wealth and Abundance in Feng Shui

“There is only “yes” in the Universe!”

~~Abaham Hicks

"Big dreams manifest when you play with the design in your home! Design that nurtures, comforts, moves, attracts and manifests abundance. Feng Shui, is the game-changer and when we decorate our homes with beautiful decor, life force and lots of love (for love is Ch’i), prosperity flows right into our front door."

5 Habits to Help Attract Financial Success

In feng shui, there are three life areas that a majority of consultations address: intimate relationships, your future, and money. Without question, money and wealth are big topics in feng shui. Not only do people want to know how they can bring more money into their lives, they want to use feng shui to specifically address financial health and wellness. Simple and mindful habits that you can implement to help you keep the money you’ve got and hopefully bring more into your wallet.

7 Tips to Make Your Handbag a Money Magnet

Although we typically associate Feng Shui with homes, the principles behind it can also be applied to our handbags. By considering your handbag a “portable home” representing you, realize that it is influential in your ability to make and keep money. 

Are You Broke?

Broken Items = Being Broke.
If you have any broken items, get them out because broken items equal to you being broke! Either toss them or fix the broken items. Also, clean your Prosperity section because dust and dirt are also hazardous to your money.

Feng Shui Tip - What items are the best to enhance prosperity?

Things that usually spell trouble are clutter piles, dirt, dust, damage to the structure of the house, and finally drains. Try to eliminate any of these. You can place red tape around the outgoing pipes of plumbing if you have it in this area. 

Now, that you’ve removed the negative stuff, check for positive items in the area. Things like a picture of something that makes you feel like “you have it all.” Or just try using the royal colors like purple, red or gold. Some people fill jewelry boxes with their “treasures” and others display collections of money from all over the world. 

Bottom Line: Choose what really means “prosperity” to you.

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"Do things feel stalled in your life? Are things stagnant? A quick way to create energy flow is with wind chimes & mobiles. Place them in certain sections of the Bagua in your home to create chi in that sector." Via Sybilla Lenz
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"I am a magnet for money. Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me."

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Final Thoughts

Much of the Wealth Area focus has been indoors; regarding your desk, chair and assorted items related to monetary goals and fame. You may be failing to include a bigger picture…. your property outside. This may be the time to give a boost to this area – and get it working for you!

Animal and Plants can BOOST Your Wealth Area, by Kathryn Wilking
~ Cat’s are generally considered good luck because they dispel evil spirits wherever they go. They also go where the food is good, so they are seen as good fortune.

~ Dogs represent loyalty so they also are considered lucky; even more so than cats. They bring fidelity and prosperity with them. In Chinese folklore, dogs are more desirable than cats. Interesting; stray yellow dogs are considered unlucky.

~ Deer are considered lucky, as they are associated with the four enjoyments of life; happy, promotion, longevity, and good fortune. (Sorry to my friends out there who have deer damaging on their property.)

~ Rats are active at night and steal food, so they are symbolic scoundrels. Because they are planners and save abundant supplies, they also represent industry and prosperity.

~ Bats represent good luck, as they can bring prosperity. The Chinese word for ‘bat’ -sounds like the word ‘happiness’.

~ Fish represent freedom, wealth, harmony and marital bliss. The Chinese word for ‘fish’ sounds like ‘abundance’; many blessings include presentation of a large fish – a wish for your wealth.

~ Frogs and toads are a symbol of longevity. Frogs particularly can symbolize reclaiming lost opportunities, finding lost money or having a chance to acquire money. 

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