Father and daughter wearing face masks
Casa Grande, AZ - The (City) of Casa Grande is built on the foundational idea of shared responsibility and shared sacrifice for community shared success. With these values top of mind, the City urges the community to wear masks (face-coverings) in public. This follows Executive Order 2020-43 issued by Governor Doug Ducey and the adoption of a City proclamation that was executed in response. Both mandates attempt to curve and reduce the spread of COVID-19 throughout Arizona and the Casa Grande community. There are exceptions to the face-covering requirement in public places, and it is equally essential for City businesses and residents to understand this. However, infections have begun to trend upward which can put our community and economic progress at risk.  
Benchmark Requirements:
  • “Number of Cases per 100,000 individuals”:
  • To reach a “Moderate Status” which allows for 50% customer occupancy inside local businesses, Casa Grande must be at no more than 100 viral cases per 100,000 individuals (100/100k).
  • To reach a “Minimal Status” which allows for 75% customer occupancy inside local businesses, our community must be less than 10/100k.

  • “Percent positivity”:
  • To reach a “Moderate Status,” the rate must be below 10% which would allow for the same capacity as above.
  • To reach a “Minimal Status," the rate must below 5%” which would allow for the same capacity as above.
Current Status:
  • Arizona has an infection rate per 100k of 142/100k and is increasing with a positivity rate of 11.6%.
  • Pinal County is at 111/100k and is increasing with a positivity rate of 9.7%.
  • Casa Grande is at 103/100k and is increasing (25 new cases reported just today, largest single day since Aug 1st!).
Please help reduce community spread to your neighbors, friends and extended family by wearing a face mask in public and around others not a part of your immediate household. The City will continue to help educate residents and businesses on Arizona Department of Health Services recommendations like washing hands frequently, staying home when you feel sick and avoiding close contact. 
For more information on City COVID-19 responsecommunity support, or small business resources, please visit online.
Let’s all be SMART:
Shield your cough and sneeze
Mask up
Apart 6 feet
Rinse 20 sec Hand Wash
Tidy your space (sanitize often)

Founded in 1879, the mission of the City of Casa Grande is to provide a safe, pleasant community for all citizens. With a growing population of over 56,000, it is a city with amazing people and historic charm that can only be found in a small town. Still, it offers modern amenities and a broad range of recreation facilities and activities for residents of all ages that are available year-round.