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Friday, May 29, 2020
#WhereisthebodyofChrist Challenge
We've so enjoyed and appreciated the pictures you've sent us for our Sunday slideshows. It's just one of the ways we are connecting creatively these days! Let's keep it going by taking pictures of you and your family wearing red , orange , or yellow for this Sunday's Pentecost slideshow! Please send your photos to  Margo  by 5 pm, Friday, May 29. Thank you!
ZOOM update
ZOOM is getting a new version update this week!  It’s important that you update the software on your device by Saturday, May 30.  After that, the old version of ZOOM will not be supported. Download the update NOW via either the website  ( ) or the mobile app (available on the website).
Links to Worship Service
Locate the links to our Worship Services and Worship Materials on the front page or our website. Just click on the words in bold blue type!

You can also continue to refer to your Friday edition of GLC---Connects! for the links in bold red type lo cated under Pastor's message.

If you find yourself in a hurry Sunday morning, save yourself time and head directly to
Lighting our candles together
Bring a candle into the space where you worship and we'll light our candles together at the beginning of Sunday's worship.
Pastor Wende's Message
This Sunday — Festival of Pentecost
We celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Lord and giver of life. Perhaps the least understood person of the Trinity. 
How would you describe the Holy Spirit? 
Dove? Breath of God? Wind? Those seem pretty gentle for such incredible power. 
Feel free to wear some festive red or something that makes you feel the power of the Spirit.
Because the Holy Spirit empowers us with gifts to be a blessing to others!!! 
A Haiku prayer to contemplate.
Help us to remember
you bless us with many gifts
to bless the whole world. 

Click here for the 9:00 am Sunday service on the GLC YouTube channel
Click here for the Worship Folder and God's Story Our Story
Click here for the Children's Worship Folders: Ages 3+ and Ages 7+
Pentecost Coffee Hour
Sunday, May 31 @ 9:45 am
Let's meet for coffee and conversation after Sunday Worship! Simply click on this link for   ZOOM . Make sure you've update the zoom software on your device.
ZOOM into Sunday School
Sunday, May 31 @ 10:15 am
YOU'RE INVITED! We'll sing songs, listen to bible stories, and have fellowship and fun with Sunday School friends! Use this link to   ZO OM into Sunday School. We hope to see you there!
Since we are already meeting for worship, most of our conversations about ‘coming back’ have to do with communion.  So... What does communion mean to you?  The best word someone used in our zoom class on sacraments was they are dynamic. I love this! What it means for the Word to become the Living Word is for it to grow and live. Decisions about communion and baptisms have been adapted over time-often driven by practical rather than theological concerns. In fact what we know as ‘the’ way to have communion is a relatively new concept in terms of the timeline of Christianity. We will adapt…we will be changed! And our relationship to the living Christ will grow and change, too. Watch for more plans for celebrating communion that will include; a continued fast, home communion, drive through communion, small group communion and modified home visits. Now is the time to start preparing yourself for when you will celebrate; whenever that may be. And all the additional care we take with distancing, masks and hand washing can be part of this preparation for caring for one another!  

We surround with our prayers the family of Rev. Linda Kersten, following her death on Sunday, May 24. You can find her obituary here . We will livestream the service this morning, Friday, May 29 @ 10 am on GLC's YouTube channel . Contact  Pastor Trudy  with questions.
We lift up in prayer
  • All who are hungry 
  • Those unable to pay rent
  • Those grieving losses
  • People finding new opportunities
  • Those struggling with isolation and mental health
  • Our leaders as they work to balance safety and activity
  • Those suffering with COVID-19 and their families
  • Health Care workers for safety and emotional support
  • All people who support essential work
We continue to share greetings from our Council on how they’re navigating their work and their giving in these days. 
Up next: Brandy Hunter
The Hunter Family misses all of you! One of the hardest things about shelter in place is the realization that the people in our congregation are such a support and a big part of our lives. We have enjoyed finding new ways to interact with our friends and family, including each other. Even with the hardships, as a working parent this time in the same house with my kids everyday has allowed me to see them in a totally different way and lucky for me I couldn't be more proud. Schooling at home is tough and at many moments, all I can do is stand next to my children in support as they try to work problems out because let's face it, I might be college educated but Algebra 2 is really hard!
My biggest nightmare has been unemployment. I have never filed and was really at a loss when I was filing, not only because as a single income family, I needed the money, but I have never in my life thought my college education would become unessential. Of course I am going back to work next week and just received my first five weeks of unemployment yesterday. Rest assured we have been living under a saying my mom reminds me of, " The Lord said he would give you your daily bread, he did not say he would give you a toaster to toast it in or Prada shoes to wear while you were doing it." Of course expenses have been reduced, I have not put gas in my car since March!
Even in these hard times we are trying to find ways to give back. Giving comes in many forms, supplying to food banks, helping neighbors and tithing to your church. Our church is still running, we may have moved from our building into our homes, but people are still making Lazarus meals, Sunday school is still happening, Youth group is almost weekly. We are not shut down we are expanding. I am looking forward to a time when we can all be together again, but until then, stay healthy!

ZOOM meetings to find the body of Christ in Quarantine

Bible 103 -
Tuesday, June 2 @ 8 pm
Paul's letters
Click on link to join. Password: 737700 (if needed)

Bible Study
Thursday, June 4 @ 9:30 am
We'll look back at Sunday and ahead to next Sunday's reading.
Click on the  link   to join.

Enneagram Part 3!
Thursday, June 4 @ 8 pm
More on Wings and Arrows
Click on link to join. Password: 191574 (if needed)
GLC Life in Pictures

In between spring showers Sandi Bowgren and Judy Richter have been doing the hard work of tending our Mother's Garden. Thank you so much! We are truly grateful for their loving care of this beautiful oasis on GLC's lawn. #WhereistheBodyofChrist

It was cake and ice cream time for the Loboda's as they gathered around Charlie to celebrate his 13th Birthday in April. Happy Belated Birthday to Charlie!

If you have a picture(s) that you'd like to share of how you are living your #generouslifeinChrist please send to  Margo . Thank you!