WOW! No snow in the forecast? First time in a month, is spring near?
We are following the weather closely as it impacts our priorities. With the cold wet weather in February and early March, mowing has not been possible or needed. The season is nearly a month behind schedule. However, the forecast is for warmer and dryer weather after the rain early this week. We might even get into the mid 60's early next week.
We will be looking for breaks in the weather coming up to start our mowing for this season later this week and next week. Some lawns need it more than others so we are prioritizing those that need it most and will be mowing on every dry stretch coming up this month.
It is always a tricky call this time of year as spring normally starts wet and cold making mowing difficult with the wet grass and soil. We do not want to mow when the ground is saturated as it will cause damage. We will focus on finding breaks in the weather and downsize our equipment as damage can occur that we want to avoid. Luckily as temperatures warm up going into April, this problem subsides as warmer days dry the soil out quicker making mowing without damage less likely.
As mentioned in prior newsletters, the delay in need to mow is good news as we are behind in our spring shrub bed prep and pruning due to the snowy February. This is helping us catch up. 
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