Week 5:
Weather Week
Grades K-2

What is weather?
WATCH Weather :  Peep and the Big Wide World of Weather

DO - Sing some weather songs to learn more. Weather and Seasons Songs for Kids   

DO - Look out your window and observe the weather. Draw a picture of the weather today. Remember to include things like: the sun, clouds, raindrops, leaves blowing in the breeze.

Grades 3-5

What causes our weather? 

READ - Compare the hottest and coldest places on Earth?

WATCH this video to learn about how and why the weather can vary so drastically.   

DO - Try these experiments to learn a little more about the forces of air and temperature.

  1. Click to Make A Thunderstorm
  2. Click to Suck An Egg Into A Bottle
  3. Make an Air Powered Car: https://youtu.be/BLBBeMSg3jM 
Grades K-2

What season is it?

RE AD Mystery Science to learn about the seasons.

DO - Sort and Sequence the Seasons

DO - Play the “What’s the Weather” game
Tuesday's Noon Video:
John White, Certified Storm Spotter/CCSD Student
Grades 3-5

Why do storms form?

WATCH - Meteorology: The Study of Weather

READ pages 23-34 of the book Meteorology: The Study of Weather

DO Use the interactive activities in the link provided below to observe, gather data, investigate and predict the weather. 
Grades: K-2

Where can you find water? What can you use it for?

WATCH to learn about water.

DO - After watching the video draw one picture showing where we can get water and dr aw one picture of what we can use water to do.
  • Get the handout HERE!

DO - Have some fun with water by clicking the links below.
Wednesday's Noon Video:
Brooke Hagenhoff, National Weather Service
Grades: 3-5
Would you like to become a meteorologist or storm chaser?

READ Career Corner to learn about what a meteorologist does.  

READ sections 1 and 5 to learn about storm chasing.

WATCH and learn about tornado facts from National Geographic Kids.
Grades: K-2

What if it rains too much or too little?

DO - Sing this funny song about a day it rained too much!

READ The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

DO - Make a pinwheel to harness the wind at your house.
Grades 3-5

What can I do to stay safe during severe weather?

READ, Watch and Do
  • Be a Ready Kid!
  • Use this site to become a master of disaster and build an emergency kit to keep your family safe.
Grades: K-2

How do I stay safe during stormy weather?

READ Storm is Coming by Heather Recavec to see how the farm animals stay safe during stormy weather.

WATCH to learn about tornadoes.

DO - Make a tornado in a bottle to see how the winds spin. 

DO - Make an emergency kit to use in case of severe weather.
Friday's Noon Video:
Mike Lamb, Emergency Management Coordinator
Grades 3-5

How can the weather be helpful in our daily lives? 

REA D The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

  • An interview with the boy who harnessed the wind. Learn about his problem solving mind-set.

DO Build a windmill

WATCH to see how Iowa is using wind power like William.
Weather Science Book List
If you have an awesome STEM book to share, please email the Hub with the title and why it's so great! We'll pass along your suggestions.
Extend your learning with great books!

  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  • May I Come In?
  • Come On, Rain!
  • Zane and the Hurricane
  • Shouting at the Rain
  • Ninth Ward
  • I Survived the Joplin Tornado 2011
  • The Lightening Theif
  • The Magic School Bus: Inside a Hurricane
  • A Year with the Wind

  • Al Roker's Extreme Weather
  • Rainbows
  • Eye of the Storm
  • The Man Who Named the Clouds
  • Meteorology: Cool Women Who Weather Storms
  • Meteorology: Activity Book
  • What Was the Ice Age
  • Snowflake Bentley
  • Big Book of Weather

Ask your librarian for more ideas!
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