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Thank you to everyone who came out to our First Annual Customer Appreciation Luncheon! It was a huge success with the great weather, fun and golf.
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The weakest link within any network are the users since a network at rest doesn’t click on links, open attachments or unknowingly visit malicious websites. This is why we include Security Awareness Training standard with all of our Managed Network solutions including resources such as Security Checklists. We do this because we’ve found that education is the great equalizer when it comes to network security and if we can train your employees on what to look for when surfing the web or checking their email, your network security increases while the likelihood of becoming a victim of a phishing attack goes down exponentially.

Chris Montgomery, Director of Sales at ThrottleNet, Inc.
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Don't become phish bait! It's easier than you think. Phishing attacks are now by far the most frequent threat to your company's IT network. Our free Phish Bait scan will uncover your network's vulnerabilities. Our experts will tell you how to fix them.
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