April 2016
Customer Highlight
Florida Sun Printing has a long rich history in the printing industry since May of 1963. The company started with just a few employees and has now grown to around 25. During the 1980s a Harris V-22 was replaced by three lines (3 folders and 10 units) of Web Leader units to produce newspapers, grocery circulars and magazines for mailing and inserting into daily newspapers. 24 years later the Web Leaders were replaced with the Atlas Quad-Stacks and perfectors. A couple of years later we added another Quad-Stack, folder and then another Quad-Stack. Jardis Splicers were added to increase production and lessen downtime. With the Quad-Stacks we ended up doubling our revenue. Our quality and production time could not be matched by other printers in the area due to the Atlas units and Quad-Stacks.  
An additional Quad-Stack/UV Unit was installed in early 2014 for coated and uncoated stocks. Extending past the folder of an existing line, and configured with its own folder on one side and a sheeter on the other, it allows flexibility for added capacity for newspapers, magazines and tabloids.

"The sheeter allows us to do glossy covers for tabloids, catalogs and single sheet inserts as well. So basically we are at three press lines again since all presses can be run separately or all together to form a multi-stock publication," states Owner and President, Mark Thompson. With the CTP and the close registration of the Quad-Stacks we can produce some very high quality work with a quick turn-around which allows us to compete with Sheetfed printers."

"Our customer base has extended as far as Portland, Oregon and California. Mostly we print for customers from North Carolina to Puerto Rico and as far west as Louisiana on a regular basis due to getting out and calling on customers, but also because of the quality that the Quad-Stacks produce for Florida Sun Printing. The only thing that keeps us from growing larger is finding good competent pressmen."
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Don't forget that Pressman Manuals are available to be used for training of new personnel, review for existing personnel, trouble shooting, and maintenance recommendations.  These are available for viewing and/or downloading for users signed in to the group. 

New discussions
Some new discussions were posted by group members in March.  Jim Rutz  (P & P Press) has also posted some statistics noted after using the 25 key upgrade on his Quad-Stack units for the last six months. (Featured in our Newsletter last October) .

Please take a few minutes to read, reply, or simply "like" these new posts.

Advertising Inserts still popular...even among Millennials.
NNA released a white paper outlining the results of two different studies with regards to advertising inserts and their affect on newspapers.
  • They found that newspaper inserts are not only highly desired by readers, but that they also drive action.
  • Both studies also revealed that newspapers remain the delivery medium of choice for advertising circulars and other free-standing inserts.
  • Additionally, contrary to popular belief, the new research confirms that Millennials continue to value newspaper advertising, and particularly inserts.
We have stored a copy of this research in our user group.  If you would like to view the statistics that back up the bulleted statements above,  download a copy from our User Group. (no login needed)
Thanks to Brian Ambor of Messenger Post Media for sharing this NNA white paper with us.
Random Trivia...
The official roots of April Fool's Day are a mystery.  However, some theories date it back to 1582 in France, when the transition occurred between use of the Julian Calendar (Where the last week of March through April 1st was considered the beginning of the calendar year) and the Gregorian Calendar (currently used).  People who continued to celebrate the New Year in March/April were considered "fools" and worthy of pranking due to their foolishness.

It's interesting to note that during the use of the Julian Calendar, different cultures chose to "begin" the year at several different times, ranging from October through March, aligning it with local festivals, the harvest, the spring equinox, or religious celebrations.

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