August 2016
Customer Highlight
  News West Publishing - Bullhead City,  AZ
News West Publishing Company first purchased Web Leader equipment in 1984.  During the 1990's, they added a second line consisting of Atlas units, stacked for color use.  In 1999, their first Quad-Stack tower was installed.  Additional Quad-Stack units were added in 2005 and 2007, allowing for 4-color units to be in both press lines.
Mike Vaught, News West PM
"I have been with News West Publishing for 15 years and have been the Pressroom Manager for 12 years here," states Mike Vaught. "Being in the printing industry for over 20 years I have found no comparison to the reproduction quality and ease of use of the Quad- Stack. The registration is awesome as once it is set, it stays set."
"Working with WebPress technicians and staff has been great over the years as there is always someone who knows what the problem is and how to solve it."
News West's flagship publication, the Mojave Valley Daily News, with its 10,000-plus paid circulation, is distributed along the Colorado River to communities located in Arizona, Nevada, and California. The publication's colorful presentation, writing and photography have won many state awards since 1993.
News West also publishes the Laughlin (Nevada) Times, the 128-year-old Needles Desert Star, Laughlin Entertainer weeklies, Clippin' The River, Colorado River Real Estate Magazine and the Booster Advertiser, as well as a variety of commercial printing jobs.
News West Publishing Company is a division of Brehm Communications, Inc.
Changes in our Parts Department
John Trageser, our Parts Department Manager, has reached a crossroad in life and announced his retirement after many faithful years with WebPress.  John's last day was July 29th. We wish John well in his future endeavors.

Replacing John is Scott Roberts. Scott has worked for Web Press in the assembly area for many years, pinch-hitting in parts and shipping departments when needed. He's helped to assemble much of the machinery currently working in your plants, so is very familiar with our products. We are pleased that Scott has agreed to step into the Parts Manager role.

Please continue to use as your default parts email address.
Request for Samples...
We are still welcoming both cold-set and UV samples...all shapes and sizes.  Don't forget to send some of your best work our way!  Thank you to those who have already shared with us.
Summer Days
Someone, somewhere, has invented a reason to celebrate every single day of the year.  A few August celebrations we've found:

August 8th:  Sneak Some Zucchini onto your Neighbor's Porch Day
Anyone who has decided to grow more than one zucchini plant needs no explanation for this celebration!  However, if any of those plants has been ignored for more than a week or two, the recipient of said zucchini may have wished a chain saw had been part of the gift!

August 13th:  Left Hander's Day  (Go Southpaws!) tells us the term "Southpaw" is most frequently associated with baseball pitchers & batters, and originated with the directions a baseball diamond was configured.  However, the term is also frequently associated with the sport of boxing, as well as perhaps stemming from an 1848 political cartoon.

August 27th: Just Because Day
This is probably the best celebration of all.  Do something wild, wacky, crazy...or just sit back and do nothing at all.  If asked why?  Just Because...
(Google it...this really is a "day")
In the User Group
From our "Worth Reading" section:
  • As part of Bill Ostendorf's "25 tips for print", he suggests embracing reader comments.  He believes that not only should those comment sections remain, they can be curated in a meaningful way that adds to print reporting on a topic.
  • An article found in "" talks about a study revealing that advertising in newspapers (as well as other forms of media) triples the effectiveness of the media campaign.  
  •  From a new "Two Sides" study: 79% of those surveyed agreed that reading from paper is nicer than reading off a screen (including 18 to 24 year olds).  A link to the full report is available. 
New in the "Spare Parts" section:
We've added a link to a pdf file that illustrates the serrated blade edge patterns for 3 of our 20" cross perf knives.   Comparing the pattern on your current knife to the illustrations will help you order the correct replacement part.  The PDF is printable for addition to your folder parts book. (The same knives are used for both Web Leader and Atlas folders).

A Hint for using Online Manuals:

When you are looking at the PDF version of a manual, by putting your curser in the middle of the screen and  doing a "right click", a menu will pop up giving you the option to click on "find". If you type a known part number into the "find" field, the computer will  scan  and bring up any instances found in the document. Sometimes the search will give more than one result, so if you don't see what you want, keep hitting "next". The program will let you know if there are no results or when it has completed the search. This can help you find a drawing quickly, where you can then look for associated parts if necessary.  It also works with words and phrases...although it might not help much if you type in something common, like "bearing". 

Rick Guinn:  (Operations Manager)

Scott Roberts:  (Parts Manager)

Gail Sampson:  (Customer Support)

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