February 2016

Customer Highlight

Highland Publishing, Marble Falls, TX, is a commercial web and sheetfed printer located in the Hill Country just west of Austin. In business since 1980, they purchased their first Quad-Stack in 2000 (along with 5 units to replace an aging Web Leader press), in order to meet increased color demand.  Additional equipment, including another Quad-Stack , was added in 2002, as well as an Atlas folder in 2004.
With the addition of the Quad-Stacks and Atlas folder, Highland Publishing was able to expand its product line into more difficult and demanding projects.  "As well as newspapers and tabloids, we do many catalogs and magazines which require precise registration and folding before going to the stitcher.  I can't say enough about the Atlas folder which gives us that kind of precision.  You won't find a more accurate folder that is easy to change over from one size to the next. It's bullet proof," states Jeff Nissen, owner.
Jeff continues, "The Quad-Stacks definitely stand out for their precise registration on 35" webs from newsprint to 60# offset. Another great feature is the ease of training new pressmen who might not have years of 4 color work under their belt.  Color and registration set quickly so it really cuts down the training time for somebody new.  And, of course the savings in waste is tremendous.  With the ink lever system available, startups can be measured in hundreds, not thousands.
All of the staff at WebPress are great to work with and we always get a quick response with any questions or problems that we might have.  We'll be looking forward to continue working with them in the future."
In the User Group
Do you have a double oscillator Quad-Stack?  Some part numbers have been updated on the "recommended spares" list. 

We have also made some notations on the single oscillator spares list regarding current builds vs. past builds.

 Current lists are available in the user group to signed in members.
Graphics of the Americas
Are you planning to attend GOA?  Please take the time to meet with our representatives!

February 18-20, 2016  / Booth 310 / Miami Beach Convention Center
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