June 2016
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Journal Publishing - Armstrong, IA
In 1987, Armstrong installed its original press:  a  first generation Harris Cottrell consisting of 3 units that were rebuilt by owner Jerry Wiseman and area machinists. In 1991 four newer Harris V-15  units were installed, followed a few years later with two more units added to that press line and another three units set up as a secondary line.  In August 2014, a 2005 Quad-Stack, a 2006 Quad-Stack, a two-high UPM, and a Web Leader Folder were purchased and delivered to the plant. Much time and money went into preparing the plant for the larger press line, including installation, repairs and replacing of parts.  
Jerry Wiseman with installer Rusty Mohundro
The one primary lesson learned: hire an installer who is WebPress knowledgable. "We relied heavily on the knowledge of the service and part departments at WebPress to get us operational. They are great to work with," says senior press operator / plant manager Kris Grabinoski.
The QuadStack allows for easy registration with little waste and provides nice dense ink coverage without the offset issues and show-through of the Harris.   
"It's probably more press than we need," states Owner Jerry Wisesman, "but in the sense of efficiency it serves us well, even with short runs.  Now we need a few more long press runs to utilize the press  the way it was designed."
 " We publish 20 weekly newspapers, including the Armstrong Journal, as well as shoppers.  Our customers are our number one priority! We have great working relationships with them and the WebPress allows us to give them a quality product every week that we all can be proud of."
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Worth Reading Section

New in June: 
  • A link to an Editor & Publisher magazine article about digital burnout and the return to print.
  • Creative Revenue Ideas (links to an America East recap page)
  • The method used by a paper in the UK to bolster its print readership
Quick Parts Reference
Commonly requested "wear" parts are often listed on our "spare parts" lists.  By keeping these lists handy, you may not have to pull out the complete parts manual.  It's worth your time to check it first!  Spare parts lists may be accessed by signed-in users.
Customers in the "News"
Congratulations to John M. Galer, publisher of the Journal-News in Hillsboro, IL, who has been appointed Region 4 director for the National Newspaper Association by NNA President Chip Hutcheson. Region 4 comprises Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  John's paper was featured as a customer highlight in our newsletter last November.  To read past newsletters, click here.

Jon Hunter, publisher of the Madison Daily Leader in Madison, SD was featured in an Editor & Publisher "Business Brief" article regarding whether the roles of a publisher and an editor should be combined as a cost saving measure.  We've put a link to the article in the " Worth Reading" section of our user group.
Request for Samples...
If you have printed something lately that you are very proud of, please grab several copies and send them our way.

We are looking for both cold-set and UV samples...all shapes and sizes.
Political Ads Effective in Newspapers
A recent dateline in-depth article posted by News & Tech quotes Gary Meo, Nielsen Scarborough Senior VP as stating, "...newspapers provide powerful non-fragmented reach of registered voters; newspaper political advertising is an efficient advertising buy with its strongest reach concentrated among those most likely to vote."
In addition, Meo said newspapers are particularly strong at reaching opinion leaders who voraciously consume newspaper content and transmit their influence by discussing politics with their less-knowledgeable friends. Opinion leaders are twice as likely as others to read political newspaper advertising.
He also stated that newspapers are strong at reaching voters who are especially interested in news and events of their local community; liberal and conservative voters; and those who make up their minds three or more weeks before the election.
The complete article has been posted on the Worth Reading  page of our user group.
Did you follow the spelling bee?
The 285 spellers who qualified for this year's Scripps National Spelling  Bee ranged in age from 6 to 14 and were almost evenly divided among boys (144) and girls (141). They came from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as the Bahamas, Canada, Europe, Ghana, Guam, Jamaica, Japan, Puerto Rico, South Korea and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The youngest speller made it through to the second round, but was eliminated with the word "bacteriolytic" using an "a" instead of an "o".  This year's competition ended in a tie between an 11 year old and a 13 year old.  The final words spelled were "f eldenkrais" and "gesellschaft".

Some of the final words from past competitions:

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