March 2016
Customer Highlight

"Lee produces an average of 87,000 publications each week and uses about 40,000 pounds of newsprint. Over 95 percent of our printing is our own 14 trade publications. Our goal was to upgrade the appearance of our publications and to also serve the commercial printing needs of publishers and customers in our surrounding area. To do this we needed to bring in some newer and faster equipment. After upgrading various computers, software, and CTP, the next step was upgrading the printing press itself.
Customers are demanding more color and high quality printing. Our search for the right equipment started about a year ago. We narrowed our search down to two manufacturers and then took the time to visit printing plants that were using them. Mr. Lee, president, Bruce Button, vice president and Harry Delong, shop foreman, visited several operations in New York, Virginia, and California, and were able to talk to the pressmen at each place to find out what they liked or disliked about their presses before deciding to go with two Quad Stack units.
Where we had the ability to print eight pages of full color in a 32-page section, we can now print 24 pages of full color in a 32-page section. This gives us greater flexibility in ad placement as well as enhanced editorial options. This increased color capacity now enables us to solicit commercial print jobs that we were not capable of doing in the past. It also allows us to print larger full color sections for our existing publications that will reduce the number of press runs and also make it easier to process them after they are printed."
Reprinted with permission. Article originally found in Country Folks, a Lee Publications product, January 2016.
In the User Group
  Can't remember your user name or password for the WebPress user group? 

Please contact Gail if you are unsure as to whether you already have a user name, or if you have forgotten your password. 

Also, some companies have created a generic user ID.  Gail can help you find this out.

Thank you to those who took the time to go to the user group last month, and to those who were able to reach out to their fellow users.  Your efforts are appreciated.
At times, a photo says it best
As we sell replacement parts for a wide variety of builds, when there is  question regarding the correct part, an accompanying picture is appropriate.  

When you send us pictures, please do your best to prevent shadowing that might obscure an important aspect, such as a switch.   Including identifiable numbers or letters is a bonus.  
Long Live Paper Production
An interesting study released by Two Sides North America (as reported in Printing Impressions) talks about the misleading idea that "going paperless saves trees".  One of the scenarios mentioned in the article:
In Minnesota, the closure of several paper and oriented strandboard mills has led to divestiture of large blocks of forest land long held by the Potlatch Corp. Several thousand acres of that land were recently cleared of trees and converted to intensive agriculture, including potato production.
People unfamiliar with the forest industry and reforesting in particular fail to totally understand the process.  Here in the Pacific Northwest it is easy to find examples of areas that were "clear cut" several years ago now thriving with replanted forests.
Random Trivia...
When the computer mouse was invented, it was called the "X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System."  The device was later referred to as a mouse due to the shape and cord resembling a mouse and its tail.

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