May 2016
Customer Highlight
As a major publisher of free community newspapers since 1950, Kapp Advertising Service, Inc. strives to deliver the best possible service to their advertisers and readers. Their mission is to play a vital role in the communities they serve.
Products include eleven editions of The Merchandiser serving Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland,  making them one of the ten largest groups of independently owned weekly publications in the United States. Kapp also publishes two editions of About Families, a parenting publication, covering the Lebanon and Berks county markets.
Kapp's printing center is located in Lebanon, PA, with additional offices in Hanover and Reading. A long time WebPress customer, Kapp began purchasing WebPress equipment in 1984. The original Web Leader press lines were replaced by Atlas equipment in 1990. Kapp currently runs 14 variously configured Atlas perfectors, a Quadra Color, and 2 folders. 
"For over 25 years we've been using WebPress Atlas printing  presses to print the multiple editions of The Merchandiser each week. With a circulation of nearly 300,000, that's a lot of impressions over the years!" states Forrest O'Kelly, Production Director. "Thanks to the great parts and service staff at Web Press, our presses have kept rolling and continue to produce a great looking paper."

WebPress thanks Kapp Advertising and all of our customers for their faith in our services.  We take pride in our ability to fill our customers' parts and service needs in a friendly and efficient manner.  We know we are doing our job when we receive compliments such as those above and from previous testimonials such as:  
  • "All of the staff at WebPress are great to work with and we always get a quick response with any questions or problems that we might have" 
  • "...appreciate the support" 
  • "Accessible, responsive, knowledgeable, and of the great attributes of WebPress". 
Be sure to contact us for any of your parts or service needs!
In the User Group
**NEW**  "Worth Reading" Section

Every once in a while, we come upon an article or white paper that we feel can be beneficial to our WebPress users.  We've started a new page titled " Worth Reading"  in our user group where we can store these links and articles.

This month we have added a series of articles and downloadable white papers regarding research that demonstrates the value of the printed page (as opposed to digital media) as it pertains to learning, studying, retention and coursework.

Still a lot of buying and selling of properties

Both "major newspaper groups" and smaller media investors have been active recently in the newspaper assets "buying and selling" arena. 


Digital First Media, who spoke in September of 2014 of selling off their properties, acquired Southern California's Freedom Communications in late March, then in April, sold the Salt Lake Tribune and several New England newspapers to investors in their respective local areas.


Just last month, Gannett finalized the purchase of Journal Media Group properties, including 15 dailies in 9 states.


Gatehouse Media recently added some Pennsylvania titles to their list of properties, and private investment groups in Connecticut and Pennsylvania reporting the acquisition of papers local to their regions.


If your company becomes part of a sale or acquisition, please contact us so we can update our records.

Random Trivia...
Are you up for some star gazing?

A meteor shower known as the   Eta Aquarids (associated with Halley's Comet) is visible from about April 21 to about May 20 each year. Unlike most major annual meteor showers, there is no sharp peak for this shower, but rather a plateau of good rates that last approximately one week centered on May 7. Some websites are saying that early morning on May 5th and 6th will be the best viewing times.

The Arietids, another strong meteor shower, lasts from May 22 to July 2 each year, and peaks on June 7. The Arietids, along with the Zeta Perseids, are the most intense daylight meteor showers of the year, though the sun often makes them hard to view.  Try looking just above the eastern horizon about 45 minutes before sunrise the first week of June.

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