According to a report conducted by NNA and reflected in an article by the Poynter Institute, more than half of newspaper audience - 54 percent (as measured by Scarborough research in 150 large markets) - still read their local paper's news report only in print.


There is an important qualifier to that finding. The 54 percent may consume a substantial amount of national news on various digital platforms, but even with the growth of print + digital access subscriptions, they do not visit their hometown paper's website.


Diversification becomes the key, not only for readership, but also for revenue.  Print for those who still read the paper, digital for those who prefer their devices, and creativity in other areas to help keep the company strong.  Editor & Publisher published an article last year with creative idea input from several Newspapers. (read the article) 


Many of our customers don't own the papers they print.  However, diversifying is just as important for them. Adding the ability to print commercial quality publications is a direction many are taking.  This may involve adding UV lights and/or a sheeter to an existing line, or purchasing completely new equipment.  Either way, WebPress is  able to work with suppliers to find the perfect solution for your business.  


Adding commercial printing to a printing firm's portfolio as a means of diversifying is mentioned in the recent News & Tech article titled "Revenue Trends Prove Mostly Positive for Newspapers" (p. 12)


To quote Tara McMeeken, Editor and Chief of Newspapers & Technology:


"My response to these never-ending predictions of print's demise is generally a comment on the resiliency and inventiveness of this industry and the people in it."  She speaks further of an "air of positivity that's returned to this industry, particularly over the past year or so..."

(Newspapers & Technology July/August 2014)


How has your company demonstrated resiliency or increased your readership?


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JULY  2014
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