A recent read through the Atlas Pressman Manual revealed an interesting phenomenon.  Did you know that BODY PARTS are hidden throughout the book?  We found more than 15 of them!

All of the listed "body part" homonyms are found in the Atlas Pressman's Manual.  Some are obvious as to their meaning... others not so much! And although many of them can be found in the SAFETY section using their "human" definition, every one of these has a NON-BODY meaning in the manual as well! 


This word play correlation was discovered recently while reviewing the pressman manuals for typos and clarity.  The newest versions are stored in the User Group, where you can download if needed, or just take a peek to see if you're a press vocabulary whiz!



See if you can define these BEFORE you look them up.


(  ) Rounded parentheses refer to the number found at the bottom of each printed page. 

[  ] Squared brackets refer to the PDF page number if you are looking at the digital version.

  • (14) [18]  Jaw
  • (39) [43]  Finger
  • (71) [75]  Ear
  • (26) [30]  Face
  • (30) [34]  Nose
  • (28) [32]  Head
  • (65) [69]  Arms
  • (89) [93]  Legs
  • (83) [87]  Lap
  • (73) [77]  Tooth 
  • (60) [64]  Teeth
  • (51) [55]  Gum
  • (86) [90]  Cheek (we cheated a little on this one)
  • (64) [68]  Socket
  • (86) [90]  Shoulder
  • (65) [69]  Bottom
  • (71) [74]  Bodies
  • (39) [43]  Wrinkles
  • Hand, Heel, and Thumb felt left out...so they banded together to be included. (22, 24) [26, 28]


 ...you can look for clothing: Sleeve, Cap, Shoes, Coat, Collar, Tie, Belt, Contact, Slack(s) {cheated on that one a bit, too!} 


This term is found on page 63 of the Atlas User Manual.  It refers to the process of using a piece of material to test the settings between rollers and oscillators.  Basically, it's asking you to pull the material straight out from between the rollers, rather than letting it curve around either one of them.  In the purest sense of the base word (tangent), the material would be touching the curve at only ONE point.


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