All WebPress equipment needs to be maintained regularly in order to keep performance at it's peak.  Take our little quiz below to see if you are a maintenance whiz! 

(Read to the bottom to access the answers.)



 1. How often should these folder parts be lubricated?

a. Jaw Cylinder Bearings

b. Main Drive Shaft Bearings

c. Drive Clutch

d. Idler Pulley Bearings


2. How high should the pins protrude above the cutting rubber?


3. How often should you check the condition of the pins?


4. What maintenance procedure requires an open-end wrench and a 6" machinist's scale?


5.  Where might you need a timing tool?


6.  What is the projected average life of a cutting rubber? 




7.  How often should you wash web guide rollers?


8.  How frequently should you clean you ink fountains?


9.  How often should you coat plate cylinder surfaces with a light film of oil?


10.  How do you access dampener fountains for cleaning?


11.  How often should you clean the screen filter in your water circulation system? 




12.  What is the most reliable method of checking roller settings?


13.  To adjust a form roller, would you turn the nut in or out to decrease the stripe?


14.  True or false: Pan rollers can be individually silenced.


15.  True or false:  Blankets can be air dried after using blanket solution to clean them.


16.  True or false:  Stored belts can be folded tightly and secured with a zip tie to keep compact until ready for use. 


How do you think you did?  Find the answers by clicking here.   (No log-in necessary)



Are you afraid you might have neglected some of your maintenance responsibilities?   Paralipophobia is just that...a fear that you've forgotten (or will forget) to do something expected of you.  


There are literally hundreds of "phobia" names out there, that we'll bet you never knew existed... check this out...if you're not scared!

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An excellent article by Kevin Slimp in the recent May/June edition of Newspapers and Technology  focuses on the reality that people still want to read news.  Kevin notates some of the recent newspaper start-ups that he is aware of, and speaks with optimism that there are probably more that he doesn't know of.  He also references the recent comments by Martin Sorrell regarding the fact that advertisers should be shifting more advertising dollars back to the print market.  To read this excellent article, click HERE then go to page 51.

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Is PH affecting your print quality?


Minerals found in water supplies vary greatly depending on geographical location. Make sure you work carefully with your ink suppliers to obtain the correct formulations of ink, blanket wash, etc. for your area.




Don't forget that Pressman's Manuals (as well as parts manuals) are available in the User Group.  The manuals cover safety, running, troubleshooting, and maintenance of your press equipment.


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