Even the color of your logo conveys a message to your customers. 

Think United Parcel Service.  What are their colors?  You knew, didn't you!   What about your favorite sports team.  You would easily recognize their logo and be able to name their colors.

An article in Science Daily summarizes research that shows how specific colors used in a company's logo have a significant impact on how that logo, (and brand as a whole), are viewed by consumers. For instance,  blue logos invoke feelings of confidence, success and reliability; whereas yellow logos invoke perceptions of fun and modernity.  

The old Web Press Corporation logos evolved over the years from gold (echoing the color of the machinery), to a "CMYK" colored "W" ( emphasized a 4-color focus), to a silver look embodying machine strength and reliability, (rather than the 4-color printed page).

The current WebPress LLC logo retains the aspect of  silver metallic "strength" combined with our new company name.

Some versions also contain the word "revolutionary", reflecting the unique aspects of our machinery.




Have you noticed how our website, forum, and newsletter all have a similar look and feel?  This process, which can also include letterhead, business cards, and uniforms becomes a "branding" package. Branding helps boost consumer confidence. Customers know immediately that they have landed on the right page or received the correspondence they have been waiting for.



"Technology has heavily influenced nameplate design trends over the years. And although some newspapers have opted for a traditional look, paying homage to the letterpress era, the opportunity to innovate and explore new styles has never been so apparent."

To view a super article with numerous examples of Nameplate changes through the years, and use in various newspapers, click here. (Well worth taking a look.)   



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"Adumbration" has several meanings, all related to an outline of some sort.  It can allude to a shadow, or even a hint of something to come. Adumbration can be also used as a synonym for "logo".

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New York Times LOGO


The classic New York Times logo is widely considered to be one of the greatest and most influential logotypes in the history of graphic design.

It was created by the famous American typographer Ed Benquiat in the late 1960s, who also designed logos for Esquire & Sports Illustrated magazines. 

Learn more about this and other famous logos.



Clicking the link below will take you to an infographic that talks more about specific logos and their impacts. It also adds information about the monetary cost of creation for some well-known brands (and you may be surprised at some of that).  For instance, find out just how much Nike paid for the creation of their iconic "swoosh"... 


click for infographic 

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