October 2016
Customer Highlight
Founded in 1974, Kerry's Eye is a family-owned weekly newspaper based in Tralee, Ireland. 
Housed  in the same building as the Kerry's Eye news and advertising departments, the press configuration features five Quad-Stack units with Atlas folders, Muller Martini stackers and Alpha Liner insertion equipment.
All ink ducts are fitted with Microcolor digital inking controlled by Mercury remote ink desks. These are preloaded with CIP3 files for each job. The thermal processless plates are produced on a pair of Kodak Trendsetters, using stochastic screening which produces very fine detail on newsprint.
Padraig Kennelly (holding the paper) and Kieran Edwards
According to pressroom manager Kieran Edwards, "the Quadstack units have allowed us to produce exceptional quality with very fast makeready. Register is achieved very quickly and the Quad-Stacks, with their low startup wastage, are very suitable for our wide range of run length, which varies from 4,000 to 45,000."
The weekly print run of Kerry's Eye is 25,500. The newspaper generally features an 80 page news section plus a 24-32 page sports supplement. Pagination varies depending on news and advertising requirements. They also contract print a number of other weekly and monthly newspapers.
"Having our own press on site has been invaluable to the development and success of Kerry's Eye from the very beginning. Close control of our own print run allows our reporting team the flexibility to handle late-breaking news and photos to within minutes of our print deadline, which has been a key element of our brand," said Managing Director, Padraig Kennelly. "Our in-house printing facility means we can also editionalise with ease, creating area-specific front page layouts when necessary."
International Print Day...October 19th
Companies worldwide are using October 19th to highlight the continued necessity of print in our increasingly digital world.  Use of the hashtag  #IPD16 on social media platforms is encouraged while drawing attention to special events planned to highlight the fact that that PRINT is not dead! 

As an example, last year one company used social media and the previous 2015 hashtag to invite the community for coffee, donuts, and a tour of their print plant.

The organizers of International Print Day will be counting the #IPD16 hashtags that appear globally on October 19th. 
Increase your Vocabulary:   Obfuscate
If you are asked a question, and you obfuscate the answer...what are you doing? 

Obfuscate means to muddle or confuse. Often associated with politics, many sources state the definition as being an intentional attempt to make a concept or issue harder to understand. 

So, if you don't know the answer in the first place and are randomly verbalizing in hopes that you will hit the nail on the head,  that would most likely not be considered obfuscation.  

However, if you are taking an oral exam you have not prepared for, you might be making a deliberate attempt at obfuscating the issue, in hopes that you sound like you know the answer even if you don't.

The cyber-coding world has also borrowed the term by creating "obfuscation code" for security purposes.

In the User Group
From our "Worth Reading" section:
  • Why Print News Still Rules (an article by Jack Shafer published by Politico)

Suggested Spare Parts:

Some recent part number updates were made to the Quad-Stack Single Oscillator spare parts page.  If you have this model of Quad-Stack, please log into the user group and download the current list.  The date at the bottom should read 9/21/16.


Have your forgotten your user name or password?  Please email Gail and she'll get you going again.


Random Trivia

The history of the Jack O' Lantern leads back to Ireland, where they were carved from turnips, potatoes, or even beets. 


The tradition originated to accompany a folk story about an unscrupulous fellow named "Stingy Jack" who not only ripped off his fellow citizens, but several times tricked the devil into not claiming his soul. Due to his unrepentant lifestyle, heaven wouldn't take him when he died, and the devil had to keep his part of the bargain not to let him into hell, either. Poor Jack was stuck roaming the earth forever more with a burning coal placed in a hollowed out turnip.


When immigrants came to the American continent, they found the native gourds and pumpkins to be a perfect vessel for hollowing and carving as we find on most porches this time of year.

Request for Samples
Thank you to those who had already sent us cold-set and UV samples. 
We're still happy to accept anything you send our way. 
At your request, we are also happy to evaluate samples from you at any time if something doesn't look quite right.  We want your printing to look the best!

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