September 2016
Customer Highlight
Rep├║blica Media Group, San Jose, Costa Rica, purchased 2 Quad-Stacks for color addition to a Goss Community press line in 2006.
Original 2006 installation picture
At the time of purchase, Marco F. Alvarado, CEO, stated, "I found the Quad-Stack press to be custom made for my purposes. I needed something compact, extremely efficient, easy to take care of, and affordable. I wanted a real support team behind my back and personalized treatment from the supplier. I got all this in one package."
When asked how his Quad-Stacks were holding up after a solid 10 year run, he replied,
Still looking great in 2016
"These beauties are in perfect condition overall.  I've given them pretty good preventative maintenance, and so far no corrective action has ever been necessary. After 10 years, time has no evident signs of wear and tear on these towers, and I highly recommend them over Community units at large."
The San Jose plant runs an average of over 200,000 monthly copies, predominantly tabloid size, with occasional requests for different sizes and/or finishes.  
Reminder regarding Parts Department Changes
Many of you have taken the time to welcome Scott Roberts as our new Parts Department manager.  Scott replaced John Trageser, who retired at the end of July.

Please continue to use as your default parts email address.
From the Pressman Manual
When is
" Blinding" not related to bright light,
" Catch-up" having nothing to do with condiments, and
" Fill-up" totally unrelated to gas stations? 

When they are found in Section 2 (Troubleshooting) of any of our Pressman Manuals!

Quiz yourself to see if you can define those terms, then take a look and see if you were correct.  While you are there, thumb through the Troubleshooting section for possible solutions to some of the most common printing problems your crew are likely to encounter.

Web Leader, Atlas, and Quad-Stack Pressman's Manuals are available for download from the User Group.
In the User Group
From our "Worth Reading" section:
  • A new report generated by HubCiti (as reported by News & Tech)  shows that traditional print ads and classifieds remain of utmost importance to publishers.

Suggested Spare Parts:

  • These lists are commonly ordered parts, but are by no means a complete list of what you may need to order.  Please download the complete parts manuals for more accurate information.

Have your forgotten your user name or password?  Please email Gail and she'll get you going again.

Random Trivia
A so-called "bolt from the blue" (lightning on a clear, blue sky day or cloudless evening) is actually a cloud-to-ground flash that occurs out of the backside of a thunderstorm cloud, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

In its truest form, a bolt from the blue travels from the cloud edge through clear air only before striking ground (often more than 20 miles from the parent storm). Many times, these flashes travel through old decaying storm clouds that have some residual electric charge.  What makes them dangerous is that they appear to come out of clear sky.
Request for Samples
Thank you to those who had already sent us cold-set and UV samples. 
We're still happy to accept anything you send our way. 
At your request, we are also happy to evaluate samples from you at any time if something doesn't look quite right.  We want your printing to look the best!

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