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COVID-19 Supply Chain Wake-Up Calls for Reshoring Now
President Biden has signed an Executive Order strengthening Buy American provisions, “to ensure that our future is made in all of America by all of America’s workers.”  Dr. Sanju Patro (Director - TMAC Gulf CoastBeehiveFund) and Harry Moser (President - Reshoring Initiative) will discuss how businesses can benefit economically from reshoring, evaluating products prime for reshoring, and how to find and sell to new customers looking for new product supply chains.

This webinar will demonstrate how domestic-based supply chains are frequently more profitable. Techniques will be presented to help you make the best sourcing decisions and show customers the advantages of alternatives to offshoring. You will learn:

  • Why manufacturing more products in the US really can be the best economic decision for your company.
  • What factors contribute to your product’s TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
  • How to pick products to reshore.
  • How to find and sell to new customers who import what you produce.

This is a 2 part webinar. For free registration, click the link below.