The Truth About Supplements - Dr. Mike

Hi everyone,
I wanted to invite you to join me tomorrow for a live "recorded" webinar at 3:00 eastern entitled: The Truth About Supplements.
In this webinar, I will discuss how my research for my new supplement revealed the shocking history of the RDAs (Recommended Daily Allowances) and if we really need to adhere to those recommendations. Also, is it necessary to take mega-doses of vitamins as so many are recommending. I find it curious that we are consuming more vitamins and supplements than ever, yet our incidence of chronic diseases is increasing, not decreasing!  
I'll also touch on the industry's "dirty little secrets" that they do not want you to know and how it may affect the way your choose and use supplements, particularly vitamin/mineral supplements.
This is ground-breaking, outside the box stuff that you've probably never heard before - some of it was new to me through the massive amount of in-depth research I did leading up to creating a supplement that rises above all the hype and deception.  
The webinar will be shown in two places (unless it's removed):  
Here are the links for both:  

I look forward to having you join me in this very unique and informative webinar!   

In health,  
Dr. Mike SomaHealth Effective Nutrition 
Maker of Supplify® 100% Organic Superfood/Supergreens Formula  

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