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Join this Webinar on Wednesday, May 6 @ 1 PM Eastern


Debra - 2011  

Debra Dinnocenzo, president of VirtualWorks!, will be speaking on:

Successfully Managing Performance in the 

Virtual Workplace



Wednesday, May 6



Along with Emily Klein of Flextime Global, 

Debra will discuss how to manage virtual workers that you can't see. 


As mobility becomes the norm in most workplaces, workers seem to be more autonomous as they determine where it is best for them to work on that day and still being productive.  On the other side, managers must figure out how to successfully manage their people who aren't in the office where they can see their performance.

To help you understand how to shift management styles and techniques to successfully manage these remote workers, virtual workplace experts Debra Dinnocenzo and Emily Klein will share some methods and skills important to virtual leader effectiveness.

Join us on May 6 for insights on:

  • Which approaches or techniques work best managing virtual workers?
  • What skills and competencies are needed to better manage remote teams and individuals?
  • What sets successful leaders apart in managing performance?
Register now and forward this invitation to managers in your organization who are managing a remote workforce!



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