October 7. 2016
From 12pm to 1pm
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Leveraging the Millennial Generation in your Workplace

What are you doing to leverage the Millennial workforce?

Hear from 3 experts, including one who wrote the book on it - " When Millennials Take Over: Preparing for the Ridiculously Optimistic Future of Business", to learn exactly how you can optimize your business for a multi-generational workforce.

For more than a year now Millennials have occupied the top spot as the largest generation in the US labor force and it's a labor category that high demand science and tech industries need to pay special attention to. Though a higher percentage choose to attend college, the percentage of those who choose to go into STEM majors has declined. With high educations and higher aspirations millennials are rapidly becoming the innovators and leaders who are shaping our industries and impacting the way we operate our businesses.
Questions we'll answer: 
  • What specific characteristics define millennials; how they work, act, think and learn?
  • Why your work culture, environment, and location is more important than ever.
  • What are the best practices to recruit & retain millennials?
  • What proactive strategies companies can begin to apply to leverage this generation?
  • What advantages do millennial and multi-generational organizations have?
If these questions aren't already on your mind, they should be.   Our panel of experts will share their knowledge, stories and experiences with you to help you answer these questions for your company as you address the rise of the millennial workforce.
Jamie Notter - Founding Partner at WorkXO, LLC

Before founding WorkXO with Jamie and his parthers Charlie & Maddie worked together at Culture That Works LLC. An avid writer, he's been blogging successfully since 2005 and has written e-books on Generational Diversity and Culture That Works, in addition to the two hardcovers he co-authored with Maddie Grant - including; "When Millennials Take Over:". An accomplished and sought-after keynote speaker, Jamie carries a master's degree in conflict resolution from George Mason University, and a Certificate in Organization Development from Georgetown, where he serves as adjunct faculty.

Shira founded Purposeful Hire to pursue her life's passion-helping people and businesses connect for their mutual benefit and work towards the future they deserve. When business goals and careers goals align, employees are motivated to succeed. Purposeful Hire intentionally connects job seekers and employers through career consulting, executive recruiting, generational diversity training and interview training for hiring managers. The philosophy is simple: for every hire, there is a higher purpose. Let's find yours together.

Joey Price - CEO at Jumpstart: HR

As the CEO of Jumpstart:HR, LLC, Joey innovates by leading HR efforts for small business owners and start-up founders who want to build better, stable businesses. We keep clients happy by offering innovative consulting strategies and efficient HR administrative outsourcing support. Where some see HR as a cost-center, our client organizations see HR as a strategic component of the business through the value that we expose and create. After all, products alone don't grow businesses - happily engaged staff members do.

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