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Managing The Pressure of Change
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The ELT 'Hot Seat' Survey


If you're a trainer, you've been there.  The 'hot seat'.  You've prepped, you've practiced and you're ready for anything. Well so you thought until a participant asks a questions or poses an objection that you weren't prepared for, yup, you're on the hot seat! 

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Hot Seat - ELT Survey



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Toronto: Sept. 22-23

New York: Oct 6-7

Emotional Intelligence

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Fall dates coming soon


Toronto: Nov. 10-11

Toronto: Nov. 12-13

Webinar: Managing The 

Pressure of Change


The business world continues to experience constant change. Disruptive technologies, reorganizations, cost cuttings,
mergers and acquisitions all create enormous pressure. It isn't surprising that over 70% of change efforts fail to meet their stated goals.


It doesn't have to be this way. By attending this free webinar, you will:

  • Understand the destructive effect pressure can have when you and others experience change and uncertainty
  • Gain insights into what the top 10% performers in our research study did to excel under pressure
  • Learn how your cognitive appraisal of events can change your physiological response to pressure

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This session is based on the book Performing Under Pressure - a New York Times & Amazon bestseller and is named one of Inc. Magazine's top 10 business books of 2015. 


Meet your webinar presenters.

Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry

An internationally renowned thought leader on the subject of leadership, performance and managing under pressure.


Bill Benjamin.

A passionate and inspiring speaker, Bill will host this informative and practical webinar about Managing the Pressure of Change. 

We Wrote the Book on Pressure


Pressure Changes Everything:
Introducing a new IHHP White Paper. 


Over the last seven years at the Institute for Health and Human Potential, we have collected a great deal of information about how people experience, perceive and navigate pressure. 


We have undertaken a multiyear study of over twelve thousand people who are under pressure to answer the question: What is it about the top 10 percent of the individuals we studied that helps them handle pressure more effectively and be successful?  Continue reading more


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Building your COTE of Armor. Introduced to you in our March newsletter: Part four of the four part mini-series. 

C - Confidence

O - Optimism

T - Tenacity

E - Enthusiasm


Many people think that enthusiasm is either something that we are born with or something that is driven by the circumstances people find themselves. While there is no question that some people have higher levels of positive emotion than others, we have far more control over how much enthusiasm we generate than we realize.


Read pages 259 to 273 from the Performing under Pressure book for in-the-moment enthusiasm strategies.


Read the August newsletter for the conclusion to building your COTE of Armor.

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