Webinar: Return-to-Work Update
Beyond the Basics

Prepare for Winter COVID-19 Health and Safety
Challenges and Build a Sustainable Model
When: Thursday, October 22, 2020, 1:00 PM
Where: Virtual
What: A webinar for employers, unions, and workers to learn how workplaces can prepare for new COVID-19 health and safety challenges as we transition to the cooler season. Join our 1-hour webinar to learn about strategies to adapt to the changing environment. Topics covered:

  • How to prepare for positive COVID-19 cases in the workplace
  • Communication strategies to encourage employees and visitors to remain vigilant and protect themselves
  • Addressing influenza (flu) season during the COVID-19 era
  • Updated health and safety strategies

Yelena Globina, MD, MPH, is Medical Director of the Mount Sinai Selikoff Centers for Occupational Health in Staten Island. Dr. Globina spearheads the Selikoff Return-to-Work Task Force to support organizations to prepare to re-open and stay open successfully. As a clinician, she cares for injured and ill workers, including individuals who contracted COVID-19 while performing their jobs.  
Arlette Loeser, MA, OTR, CIE, is Director of Ergonomics, Injury Prevention and Accommodation at the Mount Sinai Selikoff Centers for Occupational Health. Ms. Loeser guides organizations to develop sustainable Return-to-Work and Ergonomics programs. She is a known workforce educator, most recently delivering programs on the impact of organizational culture and workspace design in the COVID-19 era.
Norman Zuckerman, an industrial hygienist at the Mount Sinai Selikoff Centers for Occupational Health, brings nearly 30 years' experience evaluating workplace hazards and making recommendations to strengthen occupational health and safety programs. During the COVID-19 era, Mr. Zuckerman conducts respirator fit testing and training for workers, performs site visits to evaluate COVID-19 protocols, and helps organizations develop risk mitigation strategies to protect the health and safety of their workforce.
COVID-19 Health and Safety Resources
Our physicians perform return-to-work medical screenings and provide guidance on risk mitigation strategies to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. Learn more.

Complete a COVID-19 form, or contact us at occmed@mountsinai.org or 212-824-7118.
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