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7 Tips for Using LinkedIn for Lead Gen

Shawn Finder, CEO, Autoklose 
Recorded:  August 21, 2018  (60-Minute Session)
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Missed it?  It was too good to we recorded it for you.

This was one of our best webinars ever!  Comments from a few of the participants:
  • "Sarah:  My!  There's a lot to think about!  Thank you for an informative hour!"
  • "Reinhard:  Thank you, very useful!"
  • "Art Kasson:  Thank you.  lots of information but all great things to think about!"
  • "Scott:  AutoKlose is awesome.. already using it"
  • "Pat:  Great Webinar. Learned a lot."
  • "Lorraine:  Very useful and practical tips to start using right away"
  • "Frederic:  Very interesting webinar, learned a lot about  Linkedin"
  • "Tosime:  Please come back!"
  • "Mark McCarthy:  Great Webinar!  Learned a lot and will begin utilizing this tool more often.  Working on my page as we type :)"

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Long Form?
We heard that a few new SMM members complained the registration form is long. 
1.  That's so you never have to fill out a reg form again.  Next time, you just login and click Register and you're done.  
2.  We give you access to everything for free.  All we ask is that you fill out the reg form once.
3.  Ha!  You gave LinkedIn all the same info PLUS your entire work history AND your whole education history! Did they give you hundreds of free webinars, white papers and more?
4.  Info is the currency of the Internet.  To get access, you didn't pay.  You just gave us a little info.

The handout can be downloaded  from the "Handouts" pod in the bottom-right area of the screen of the recording.

Shawn will be back on December 5 @ 11am Pacific to do a follow-up.  Mark your calendar now.  We'll send you the info once registration is open.  (We can filled out the form when you joined SMMConnect!)

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