Webinar March 7: Enabling Writers Success Stories and Lessons Learned
How do you create books for young children to help them read in languages they understand? How do you illustrate those books so children can relate to the story? How do you make them free so schools can have greater access to teaching materials?

The Enabling Writers Workshop Program (EW) makes use of Bloom software to develop decodable and leveled books for use in early grade reading programs. Webinars on March 7 and 27 will share success stories and lessons learned from four of the six Enabling Writers Workshop Programs, which over the past year have created 3,000 open-source, decodable and leveled digital books in 15 different languages. Enabling Writers books are available through the Global Digital Library and the Bloom Library , among other sources. 

EW COUNTRIES/LANGUAGES: Indonesia (Bahasa) and the Philippines (Cebuano, Boholano, Kagay-anon, Kalanguya)
DATE: March 7, 2019
TIME: Cebu - Philippines @ 9:30 AM
Jakarta - Indonesia @ 8:30 AM
Ambon - Indonesia @ 10:30 AM
Dar es Salaam - Tanzania @ 4:30 AM
Washington DC, USA @ 8:30 PM on March 6, 2019
PANEL: Dr. Johnny Tjia, Yayasan Sulinama Foundation, Indonesia; Dr. Jestoni Babia and Lea Mae Ladonga, University of San Jose - Recoletos, Philippines

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The Indonesia team, led by Dr. Johnny Tjia, created 200 titles in the Bahasa language now in use in schools in Indonesia's western and eastern regions. Dr. Jestoni Babia heads the team in the Philippines, which was tasked with creating 800 titles in four languages. The government of the Philippines has subsequently contracted with the University to create books in two additional languages.

EW COUNTRIES/LANGUAGES: Bangladesh (Bangla) and Nepal (Awadhi, Bhojpuri, Doteli, Tharu, Maithili, Nepal Bhasa, Nepali)
DATE: March 27, 2019
TIME: Schedule and registration to be announced
PANEL: Shahnewaz Khan, Dhaka Ahsania Mission, Bangladesh; Seema Acharya, World Education, Nepal

The March 27 webinar will highlight the EW projects in Bangladesh and Nepal, which created 1,600 titles between them.

Implemented by University Research Co.’s Reading within Reach project , EW builds on a prize awarded by All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development for Bloom book authoring software that can be used globally to develop decodable and leveled books for use in early grade reading programs. The EW Workshop Program was supported by the ACR:GCD partners—the United States Agency for International Development , World Vision and the Australian government.

Photo credit: EW at University of San Jose - Recoletos
GRN Activities on the Horizon
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A Working Paper by the Global Reading Network

Reading within Reach/Global Reading Network at CIES 2019

Look for the REACH team in San Francisco, April 14-18, 2019. Workshops and panels will include:

  • Pre-workshop on Universal Design for Learning to support literacy for learners with disabilities
  • EGR Classroom Observation Toolkit
  • Coaching to support EGR instruction
  • Track and trace for facilitating book distribution
  • Digital platforms to expand book use
  • Effective Information and Communication Technology interventions (ICTs) for children with disabilities and
  • Literacy Landscape Assessment resource

Reading within Reach serves as the secretariat for the Global Reading Network