July 2020

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Tuesday 28th July at 16:00 BST/11:00 EDT/08:00 PDT
Who would benefit from attending this webinar?

  • VPs/Directors/Managers/Professionals in pharma and life sciences supply chains.
  • VPs/Directors/Managers/Professionals in other sector supply chains with an interest in pharma and life sciences
  • Pharma and life sciences professionals across all disciplines
  • Stakeholders in pharma and life sciences supply chains, such as healthcare professionals (HCPs), politicians and patients. 
  • Journalists 


  • The CoVid-19 big picture
  • How did CoVid-19 catch pharma napping? 
  • What’s been going on in the supply-chain?
  • Can strategic supply-chain management reverse things?
  • What should happen next?
  • Developing a strategic supply-chain plan for future pandemics
  • Q&A

PANEL (All actively engaged in Life-Science Supply Chains)

Jim Campbell is founder and former CEO of SureScreen Diagnostics , and Surescreen Scientifics in Derby. He now runs Morley Scientific "helping patients with life-threatening or debilitating disease access the latest in medical interventions worldwide." His work in USA, Germany and China on medical innovation in all its forms has resulted in an appreciation that other countries lead the field in many of the advanced therapies emerging today, many of which were developed in Britain but were slow to become adopted here. 
Jim is qualified as a metallurgist and forensic scientist.

Jenny Murray has over 30 years experience in the cell culture industry in the UK and worldwide, and a track record in building successful Small and Medium-sized Companies (SMCs). She is the current owner of Life Science Group Ltd (LSG), an independent manufacturing company based in the UK offering the contract manufacture of various human and animal sera, media and buffers for research, cell therapy and other disciplines. LSG also offers the contract manufacture of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies .
Jenny is a Trustee of an educational charity WhatisBiotechnology and has recently completed a three-year term as President of the International Serum Industry Association (ISIA).

David Franks is a EU Qualified Person (QP) running his own consultancy Kudos Quality , working with a global client base. David is an expert in building quality management systems (QMS), having previously worked with Smith & Nephew and RB. 
David holds a BSc Hons from the University of Hull.

Alan Kennedy is focused on bringing best-collaboration practice to pharma-logistics. He is a consultant specialising in supply chain dynamics and reform and is one of the architects behind the Poseidon integrated pharma freight model which has been conceived to radically transform the long-haul transportation of pharmaceutical products. He currently serves as the independent 'neutral trustee'. 
Alan brings more than 25 years of supply chain reform experience and has served on many industry supply chain committees and working parties.

Gareth Morris-Stiff is a consultant in hepato-pancreato-biliary (HCP) surgery. Having had a long and successful career as a surgeon, most recently at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, Gareth has now dipped his toe into the water of drug development. His passion for treating patients as individuals and holistically has led him to the conclusion that healthcare professionals must get more deeply involved in the medicines they prescribe and use.
Gareth obtained his MBBCH/MD/MCh from Cardiff University and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) of England.


Hedley Rees : Hedley is a passionate advocate of modernization in pharma and life sciences. He is also author of Supply Chain Management in the Drug Industry: Delivering Patient Value for Pharmaceuticals and Biologics , J Wiley & Sons, NJ 2011, and Taming the Big Pharma Monster by Speaking Truth to Power , Filament Publishing, 2019. Hedley is also Managing Director of PharmaFlow Ltd .

Hedley graduated from the University of Wales as a production/industrial engineer and holds an Executive MBA from Cranfield University School of Management.
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