ITE FAU Student Chapter Lecture Series
Modeling Truck Parking on Highways
Presented by Dr. Bruce Wang
Professor, Texas A&M University

December 16, 2020, 1 PM (ET)
Moderators: Evangelos Kaisar and Aline Machado
Florida Atlantic University
The truck parking problem has been a topic of research and a national concern for many years. Among the numerous reasons, there are issues with driving and on duty hours regulations, traffic safety, and availability of rest areas according to demand. If rest areas are not located and sized correctly, it creates problems such as illegal parking on highway ramps and other unsafe spots or drivers exceeding the hours limit, which significantly impacts safety of the drivers and others. This presentation examines the parking capacity needs in relation to truck traffic volume, driving hours limits, and parking hour length distributions. It intends to help diagnose shortage of truck parking capacity and assist in rest area planning.
About the Presenter
Dr. Bruce Wang is a Professor of Transportation Engineering at Texas A&M University. He has published extensively in and served as an editorial board member on several respected field journals, including the Transportation Research Record. Dr. Wang’s research expertise is in applying operations research theories and techniques to transportation, in particular to freight and logistics planning and operations. In recent years he has also conducted research in the general area of intelligent transportation systems. Dr. Wang’s research addresses both economic competitiveness and environmental sustainability.
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