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EPA's Ports Initiative works in collaboration with the port industry, communities, and all levels of government to improve environ-mental performance and increase economic prosperity. This effort helps people living and working near ports across the country breathe cleaner air and live better lives. 
Special Announcement
Webinar - Advancing Clean Air Projects at Ports and Goods Movement Facilities through the CMAQ Program

June 20, 2018
1:00 - 2:30 p.m. ET

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This webinar is part of the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA's) Talking Freight seminar series and will provide an overview of how the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) program can help improve air quality around ports and other goods movement facilities including tips and lessons learned for potential project sponsors and beneficiaries


Overview of the EPA Ports Initiative
This presentation will provide a brief overview:
  • EPA's Ports Initiative; 
  • The importance of addressing air quality in and around ports; and 
  • Funding opportunities to support clean air projects.
SPEAKER: Mike Moltzen, EPA , Office of Transportation and Air Quality

Using CMAQ Program Funds to Finance Freight and Intermodal Projects
This presentation will provide an overview of:
  • The CMAQ Program, including program eligibility and requirements; 
  • FAST Act changes relevant to ports and goods movement projects; 
  • Project prioritization guidance; 
  • Different state Department of Transportation (DOT) and Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) processes; 
  • Examples of port-related CMAQ projects; and 
  • Related FHWA resources.
SPEAKER:  Mark Glaze, FHWA Office of Natural Environment

Using CMAQ Funds to Support Clean Diesel Projects in the Chicago Area
This presentation will provide:
  • An overview of the CMAQ process in the Chicago area;
  • Examples of recent clean diesel projects; and
  • Tips for potential project sponsors and beneficiaries.
SPEAKER:  Doug Ferguson, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (Chicago MPO)

Using CMAQ Funds to Advance Clean Air Goals at the Port of Virginia
This presentation will provide:
  • An overview of the Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization's experience working with the Port of Virginia on clean air projects funded through CMAQ and other DOT programs;
  • Lessons learned and tips for potential project sponsors and beneficiaries.
SPEAKER:  Barbara Nelson, Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization (Richmond MPO)

Overview of the Marine Highway Grant Program
This presentation will provide a  brief overview of the Marine Highway Grant Program, which supports marine freight services that can reduce emissions from landside transportation.

SPEAKER: Tim Pickering, MARAD Office of Port & Waterway Planning