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Congress Needs to Hear from the Insulation Industry: Here's an Easy Way to Take Action!
Share with Congress how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting your business and our industry
The 2020 Insulation Industry Washington, DC, Fly-In, which was scheduled for May 19-20, has been canceled. However, it is more important than ever that members of Congress hear from you to understand how the COVID-19 crisis affects your business and our industry. You are extremely busy, so we want to make connecting with Congress as easy as possible. If you are willing to spend a few minutes talking by phone to a Senator or Representative from the states where you are an employer, simply click here to complete the registration form. We will take it from there and set up the phone calls. The first deadline for action is Monday, April 13, so please sign up now if you are interested in participating.

Possible topics for the calls include:

  • Why the construction industry must be considered essential and remain open while adhering to the appropriate risk mitigation practices during this crisis.
  • The steps our industry is taking to protect worker safety.
  • The challenges of stopping and starting operations and supply chains.
  • If your company has tried to access Small Business Association loans, how that experience went.
  • The likelihood of company layoffs and scaling back of capital investment because of the crisis.
  • How the construction industry can be part of the strategy to put Americans back to work.

This targeted outreach is a chance to have policymakers understand how this crisis is impacting our industry specifically. Conversations with your Senators and Representatives will increase the likelihood that leaders in Washington consider the experiences of the insulation industry when the recovery begins.

Did You Know NIA Is Excluded from the Paycheck Protection Program?
That’s right, NIA as a not-for-profit (501-C-6) organization, along with thousands of others classified similarly, do not qualify for this very important benefit. The current PPP includes charitable 501-C-3 non-profit organizations, but for some unexplainable reason, associations and professional societies were omitted. Help us advocate for inclusion by clicking here.
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NIA Members Adapting during the COVID-19 Crisis
Has your business evolved to perform COVID-19 clean up or to produce masks, gowns, or other COVID-19 supplies? Share how you are changing your business model, keeping workers employed, and helping the community. Email to share your story!
New Airline Credits Extended to 2 Years
Many airlines are offering up to 2 years to use travel credits due to COVID-19. Check with your airlines to confirm their policy:
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