July 2015 - Vol. 10, Issue 7
Likes, Shares, Retweets: What It All Means To You

On Wednesday, July 22  at 1:00pm ET , Demosphere will present its 76th Maximize Demosphere Webinar:  Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks continue to become increasingly popular in today's culture, making them a critical factor in your organization's success.

Join us and make sure you're taking full advantage of this valuable communication channel!

The session will discuss:
  • Which Platforms Are Right For You?
  • Scheduling & Organizing Posts
  • Promoting Original Content
  • ...And More!
Sign up today to reserve your spot in the webinar! We look forward to chatting with you on July 22nd for Maximize Demosphere!
Are You Communicating Effectively With Your Organization?

Did you miss our last Maximize Demosphere, 
Communication Is Key?

Communicating with your organization is crucial when managing an efficient and enjoyable registration season. 

June's Maximize Demosphere session discussed how to take advantage of the variety of email, SMS text messaging, and automated messaging options found within the RosterPro? Registration System.

A recording of the session can be found on Demosphere's website along with slides to help you communicate with ease.
How Did They Do That: Images


A picture is worth a thousand words - and with the WebWriter? Content Management System sharing photos on your website has never been simpler. 


Check out how Parkland Soccer Club is taking advantage of the new Image content types to keep their website looking great!


Step-by-step instructions to add photos of your own can be found on the Demosphere Blog!

What Are Parents Getting Out Of Youth Sports?


Youth sports participation is known to provide a wide array of lifelong benefits to young athletes - ranging from physical to psychological. 


But often overlooked are the benefits derived by their parents


The Demosphere Blog talks benefits for the entire family!

The Demosphere Network - New Website Launches

Congratulations to the newest member of the Demosphere Network!

C heck out this great new site:
Is your site a good reflection of your organization?

Update your website today  and be ready in time for the fall!

The Power Of Positive Coaching

As one of the most influential figures in a young athlete's life - both on and off the field - youth sports coaches are beginning to reconsider their teaching techniques.


The idea behind "positive coaching" and the influence it can have on the lives of athletes is beginning to separate the great coaches from the pack.


Does your coaching style qualify you as a positive coach? Find out on the Demosphere Blog!

New Facebook News Feed Algorithm Affected By Time

Have you ever been curious about why certain stories appear at the top of your Facebook News Feed?

Facebook software engineers recently announced the latest change to the behind-the-scenes factors responsible for determining which posts appear in users' News Feeds.

How will the change affect your organization's Facebook efforts? Get the facts on the Demosphere Blog.

Demosphere On-The-Go

Want to meet the Demosphere Team? Come see us at one of our upcoming events:

Congratulations To The Girls Soccer Sportswoman of the Year

Demosphere partnered with Better Sports Club of Arlington to sponsor the Girls Soccer Sportswoman of the Year award at the 59th Annual Awards Banquet held in June.

This year's recipient, Lauren Harkes, was selected after having demonstrated an outstanding achievement in academics, character and athletics. 

Congratulations Lauren!

More information on the Better Sports Club of Arlington and Lauren can be found on the Demosphere Blog.

How Did They Do That: Volunteers


Youth sports volunteers are a key factor in making your organization a success.


That's why the RosterPro? Registration System includes volunteers directly in the registration process, making it easier than ever to organize your support system across all programs.


Register your volunteers efficiently by following the step-by-step guide found on the Demosphere Blog.

Demosphere Blog Updates

Check out the newest features and enhancements to Demosphere products, as well as best practices to follow at the  Demosphere Blog !
Create Your Own Custom Branded Club Merchandise!

Want to fundraise and increase brand recognition at the same time?

Consider setting up a shop with MyLocker!

Demosphere has partnered with MyLocker to offer organizations the ability to create custom-branded merchandise and earn a percentage back on all sales.

Upload your logo and get underway in  just a few clicks today!

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