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View the elegance of their brand-new 2021 collection and much more at the touch of a button. They take the time to tag every item in the virtual showroom for your convenience. If you are looking for a specific item, simply search by family name or the SKU number and find it instantly! Or, explore on your own. This tour has a permanent residence on the home page, available to visit anytime.

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Simple Transitions

Simple linear transitions creating a bold statement

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Design with the HP-2 Collection

product spotlight The Heinz Field that was built in 2001 took over the place of Three Rivers Stadium being the space accommodating the Steelers’ fans for 30 years. The horseshoe-shaped stadium architecture designed by HOK used steel as the main material by respecting the city’s heritage within the steel industry. The city was once defined by stone and steel buildings which the HOK took their inspiration from and created this contemporary architecture with the façade made of masonry that gradually changes into transparent glass.

The Steelers Pro Shop opened its flagship store at Heinz Field after the expansion of the Great Hall in 2020 providing a retail shopping space for more than 10,000 square feet with the largest exclusive merchandise selection. Within the flagship store, 22 of Meteor’s Whiz 2.0 illuminate this retail space.


The flagship Whiz 2.0 luminaire, with its unique fin design, illuminates the flagship store where fans will be able to shop a wide range of merchandise selections including Steelers clothing, gear, men’s apparel, officially licensed Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys, hats, and other memorabilia. On top of that, the flagship store even offers fans to customize Steelers jersey printing.

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Learn more about Whiz 2.0 Here
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Why is Louvers the best place for electrical distributors to go for their lighting needs?

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We answer the phone!

Due to the constant evolving lighting market, we have positioned ourselves to be the leading supplier for all types of commercial and industrial lighting technologies.

We have become the go to company for replacement lenses for any type of fixtures.

Over 30 years of establishing ourselves as the leader in lighting lens replacements

We have always listened to our customers and the marketplace to create and provide the products they need.

Joint sales calls with customers and end users

Faster response times

No worries about minimums

Localized will call and quick shipping – helps minimize stock on customers’ shelves / carrying costs

Louvers is a trusted name in the industry.

Wide range of products for 1 stop shopping and fewer vendors

Friendly service – we take care of problems, we don’t sweep them under the rug

We only sell through distribution, so you never have to compete with your own customers for our attention or pricing

In house marketing capabilities

We step up to the plate and provide solutions when others say they can’t help

Lighting layouts

Check out their case studies here
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Why Teka?

 Enduring metals. Elemental design. New technologies. These are the inspiration of TEKA Illumination. Since 1993, we have manufactured elegant and sustainable indoor and outdoor luminaires.


The foundation of TEKA Illumination is our choice of lifetime materials:


  • Copper - which is naturally occurring and was man's first ornamental metal
  • Bronze - which can be molded into rigid shapes
  • Brass - which makes for superior machined parts
  • Stainless Steel - which is used on fasteners and accent pieces


The seamless integration of these elements creates a striking design statement in a luminaire that is built to last, designed for precision, and engineered for efficiency. TEKA Illumination craftsmanship is a genuine extension of our 'Quality to Last a Lifetime' commitment.


Our outdoor lighting products are equally at home on the shoreline or in the desert -- in interior or exterior environments.


Along the seashore, where high humidity and saltwater create a microclimate highly unfavorable to the life of a luminaire, our enduring metals take on a patina rich with verdigris and hues of umbre.


In desert climates, where wind driven sand, intense sunlight and temperature extremes fade and abrade any exposed surface, our lifetime materials are transformed into an oasis of beauty. It is here the natural patina is deepest - imbued with sienna tones and bronze mahogany highlights.


These finishes are possible because, in addition to their natural corrosion resistance, our enduring metals do not require any additional finishing whatsoever. TEKA luminaires 'weather' over time to eventually achieve a natural patina that is breathtaking to behold. Of course, we do add factory applied finishes for areas that will not be exposed to the elements, or for those who simply cannot wait to enjoy the beauty that is TEKA Illumination.


With so many possibilities, TEKA Illumination indoor and outdoor products are a sustainable solution to virtually any architectural or landscape challenge.


Our vision of using the warmth, beauty and utility of lifetime materials has led us to projects that not only welcome, but demand TEKA Illumination materials, quality and design.

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Who's coming to town?

The following manufacturers will be visiting us in Arizona! If you are interested in having them come to your office to see some of their latest technology in person, please reply to this e-mail with who you are interested in seeing, and your account representative will make it happen!

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Tuesday, August the 17th and Wednesday the 18th with Apogee Lighting

Visit Apogee's Website
FulhamHarness-the-Horsepower image

Tuesday, August the 24th, Wednesday the 25th & Thursday the 26th

with Fulham

Visit Fulham's Website


2001 W. ALAMEDA DR., SUITE 101


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