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M onthly News On Products Promoting Healthcare Cost Transparency And Healthy Living Tips
Please review the revised website at www.controlyourhealthcarecosts.com . We've reduced the number of Health Excellence Plus programs from 5 to 3. Previous enrollments are not affected. Enrollment is year-round; if you enroll by the 20th of the preceding month, the program will be effective the first of the following month. Call us at 877-734-3884 or 561-734-3884 for help in enrolling and/or to answer your questions.
We’ve shortened and updated our website that explains the Health Excellence Plus medical cost sharing Association (individual and family) programs. 

There are now three basic product options: the Partially Self-Directed option (the featured program); the DPC—Direct Primary Care option (for those who have a Direct Primary Care doctor and want to use medical cost sharing as a back-up for large expenses); and the Provider-Directed Healthcare option for English and Spanish speakers who want to use a /24/7/365 access line to help them manage their health care costs and refer them to providers when needed. 75 to 80% of all conditions can be handled through the phone call that connects members to a medical professional; otherwise, members are referred to providers or, in rare cases, sent to the hospital. Medical cost sharing is used as a back-up for large medical expenses.

Here are short overviews of the three program options:

These programs can be purchased year-round:  individuals who want a program to begin the first of the following month must enroll by the 20 th of the preceding month. 

Affordable Care Act open enrollment is approaching on November 1 but interested individuals and families can enroll now or at any time during the year.

You can use a calculator on any of the above product sheet pages to determine the monthly share contributions for each program (contributions are based on size of the membership unit, ag e of the oldest member, and smoking status).
Note: members share medical costs with a community of like-minded individuals. This is not insurance, there is no sharing of risk, and the program is not regulated by State Departments of Insurance or Consumer Affairs.

These programs can cost anywhere from 30 to 90% of the cost of insurance. Costs depend on the option selected and the other factors mentioned in the second paragraph above. Members ar e expected to be health-focused and be active members of a community of like-minded people sharing medical costs. Accordingly, members shop for quality, low-cost providers (or receive help doing so) and thereby reduce the cost of medical services for the entire community.

Please review the revised web site and then call us at 877-734-3884 or
561-734-3884 to answer any questions or to enroll in a program. You can enroll here, but we encourage you to read the Access Membership Guidelines, make sure you understand the program, and to call us with any questions before you enroll.
The FMMA Promotes Transparency In Healthcare

The free market movement in healthcare is gaining steam. This is because of providers, patients, and self-funded employers who believe that changing the way we purchase healthcare services is necessary and seeking out value-driven healthcare providers is important.

The Free Market Medical Association’s goal is to match a willing buyer with a willing seller of valuable healthcare services. The FMMA helps identify patients willing to pay cash, doctors willing to list their prices, businesses attempting to provide affordable quality insurance, and providers, services and patient advocates that are helping make everything work.


The FMMA was founded in 2014 by Jay Kempton and Dr. Keith Smith based on their mutual desire to change the face of healthcare. Their goal is to bring together buyers and sellers of healthcare goods and services – reducing costs and increasing quality.

You don't need to be a member of the Free Market Medical Association to find free market providers. You can go to this site to find listings of free market medical providers here .
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About Paul Cholak
Paul Cholak is the Principal of Control Your Healthcare Costs, LLC (dba Control Your Healthcare Costs) and is an endorsed vendor of the Free Market Medical Association, which promotes transparency in healthcare costs and programs. He's also a Partner/Supporter of the Direct Primary Care Coalition, which promotes the direct primary care provider concept.

He constantly seeks to find new and innovative products that incorporate transparency and focus on reducing costs of the total healthcare bill.

He's a National Healthcare Advisor for   M Powering Benefits , a Certified Affiliate with Sedera, Inc., and is also appointed by insurance carriers who offer insured products that promote healthcare transparency (for example Health Indemnity Insurance).

He offers or refers you to medical cost sharing and insured healthcare products on either an individual, association, or group basis, as applicable, that promote healthcare cost transparency and can result in significant overall healthcare savings to participants. He guides you through the steps of obtaining membership in the applicable program and is always available to help you both BEFORE and AFTER you've enrolled.
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