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                                                      August 11, 2015

Does your website have these mistakes?
by Dona Stohler

No matter what size firm you are, your website is your window to the world.  Like it or not, a firm's website has become the way your prospects and probably current clients evaluate and validate their choice to hire you to help them with their legal problems.  You don't need to break the bank to have a decent website that looks good, says what you do, is easy to navigate and allows people who visit the site to find what they need. There are a few things that you should consider as you evaluate your website and whether or not there is a need to make changes.


Responsive design

At a minimum you should have responsive design.  For those who aren't familiar with this term, what it means is that on the desktop, tablet, or mobile device your site will work and look good.  The design is "responsive" to the devices.  If you want to be really on top of it, have a mobile design that puts information that mobile users typically want front and center.   Things like directions and phone numbers available by a simple click on the mobile device.


Narrow sites

If you still have a "narrow site" which means it is 1,024 pixels wide, it is time to change.  If you have this type of site it will look very narrow on today's wider and larger monitors.  It makes you look outdated. 


Trite images

Stay away from images like scales of justice, law books, gavels, and courthouses.  There are lots of images out there that are much more interesting and will help you establish your firm brand.  Using these trite 


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Share and repurpose
I am a thought leader

You don't have to have original thoughts to be a thought leader.  In fact, I recently heard a person proclaim that his belief is that there are no longer "original thoughts" just repurposed content.  Maybe both of these statements are a little extreme but there is something to be said for helping your clients find the information that is reliable and right for them.  You can add value to your relationship and enhance the reputation of your firm by identifying good content for your clients and sharing it.  Whether that is through a blog, e-newsletter, social media or simply an email with a good attachment, it will make you a thought leader in no time at all.

Your fab 15

People who can help you succeed

Dissecting how you get work, whether from existing client referrals or referral sources, can be an exhausting process.  The key is focus.  Apparently, there are only 15 people who can make you successful or contribute to your demise.  And they fall into three categories:  current clients, prospects who look like current clients, and referral sources.  So, forget the list of 200 companies that you found in a business publication recently.  Work on the relationships that matter.
To know me is to hire me
Why more than one relationship is critical

How many partners do your key clients and prospects know at your firm? A recent study suggests that firms are more likely to be hired if the prospect knows two or three partners at the firm, regardless of the skill-set.  This strategy solves a variety of issues among them the need to cross-sell services, transition work because someone is retiring or leaving the practice area or firm, as well as the need to keep the relationship broad and deep with an existing client.  But, this isn't all it takes.  If the service is not good, it all falls apart. 

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