Most of you know I’m a photographer as well as a writer. I’ve been taking pictures almost as long as I’ve been writing. My maternal grandfather bought me my first camera for my tenth Birthday, a Kodak Instamatic. When I turned 16, I purchased a 35mm Canon T50. In 2002, I went digital and shortly after I created my photography website: 

That domain and website has gone through many iterations since 2002 and now the time has come to close the online portion of my photography business. As of October 9, 2021, my website will be closed. You can continue to visit CJPPhotos until that date. I’m no longer getting the same visits and my return on investment isn’t enough to support the website any longer. I’m concentrating more on writing now as well so with that in mind as of now for the foreseeable future, CJPPhotos will no longer host a website. 

I plan on continuing to sell my photography at local exhibits and you can check my event page on my writer's website for upcoming exhibits. 

Speaking of exhibits, I have one up at the EC Scranton Memorial Library in Madison, Connecticut now. There are about forty matted 8x10 prints in 11x14 mats in the Life Long Learning Room. The first door on the right if you are entering from the parking lot.

All prints are for sale.
Since my writer’s website, CJenningsPenders has been up for several months now, it seems like a good time to take stock of it.  
Do you find it easy to navigate? 

Are you aware that the site is coded with drop down menus? When you point to ABOUT, a drop down appears and each is a link to another page on the site. The same goes for BOOKS. 
Is there anything you’re not seeing on the site that you’d like to? 

Okay, people! 
Get back to writing. 

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