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Stu Trevelyan

CEO NGP VAN/Every Action
Stu Trevelyan is the CEO at NGP VAN a software company providing the Action Platform including digital, fundraising and organizing tools to Democratic political campaigns and candidates. He is also CEO of EveryAction, a sister software platform for nonprofits including digital, fundraising, advocacy and organizing tools to clients such as Audubon, Greenpeace, Planned Parenthood, and UN Foundation. Link

Jeff Patrick, CEO at COHORT3's ALL THINGS Project interviewed Stu.

Jeff: Stu, you've been a fixture in the political and nonprofit space since 1995 when you co-founded CTSG, which went on to join Kintera and eventually led to starting NGP/VAN and in 2014 the spin up of EveryAction which repurposed the NGP/VAN Action Platform for nonprofits. I'm looking forward to your insights on the sector.

Jeff: What is the single most important fundraising best practice or program to surface in the nonprofit industry in the last year?

Stu : Fundraisers who are using donor engagement points to better segment and target their messaging are raising more money.

Engagement points combine what fundraisers have long understood about the importance of a supporter's giving history with all the other ways a donor might engage with an organization - attending events, completing online actions, volunteering, clicking links on emails, sharing on social, etc. Each action is given a weighted point value that results in a donor having a calculated engagement score.

This score can help better predict what a donor is likely to do and enable fundraisers to better segment any targeted communications.

By using engagement points, you get a step closer to right message, right person, right time - the Holy Grail of fundraising.

Jeff: Which new and innovative fundraising technology has the greatest potential to radically improve fundraising results for nonprofits and why?

Stu : In the age of Amazon Customer Service, donors's expectations for quick, easy, and accurate service is higher than ever. EveryAction's Fast Action features meets donors' expectations by both prefilling donor forms, and with a donor's permission retains credit card information for one-click giving. It increases money raised and improves the donor's experience.

Jeff: How do you think nonprofit fundraising will be different in five years?

Stu : Demographics will continue to change the face of fundraising as Baby Boomers get deep into retirement and Gen Xers enter into their prime giving years.

Fundraisers will both have to deepen donor relationships and better use technology to increase efficiency at the same time. Sustainer programs, planned giving, and new retention programs will separate the superstar fundraising programs from the rest of the pack.

Jeff: Really interesting stuff Stu. Thanks much for talking with us.

To reach Stu: @StuTrev
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