February 28, 2018
This Week's News and Updates
See highlights from last Sunday's Service by clicking here .

Our Annual Chili Cook-Off and Brownie Bake-Off was held on Sunday, Feb 25. "Voters" sampled all the chili and all the brownies and then voted by placing their cash votes in the box in front of each entry. Congratulations to our Brownie Bake-Off Winner, Larry; 2nd Prize Brownies - Faith and Tru tied for 2nd! Our Chili Cook-Off winner was E.J.; 2nd place chili winner - Larry; 3rd place chili winner - Trish. The "Fun" Raiser collected over $387 for the church!

Congratulations to our winners at our Annual Chili Cook-off and Brownie Bake-off last Sunday afternoon. See pictures on our website: click here!
Wednesday Gathering - Feb 28 - 7pm
Join us for Game Night this Wed, Feb 28, 7pm!

Oh, and this Sunday is March Birthday Sunday, CAKE , that is all!
This Sunday - “Junk Values”
If you are like me, as you move throughout your day, you begin to notice that you are surrounded by a multitude of "money changers" who are vying for your attention, your dollars, and your soul...if I can be just a little dramatic.

But truly, I'm not sure we can be too dramatic when it comes to how the peddlers want to shape our values and our sense of who we are. I discover, if I really attend to all the external messages, that I am not successful enough, my body is ugly, I need to get ripped, my clothes are "so last year", my beard has too much gray, I'm not tall enough, I can find happiness with 5 easy/quick steps, I drink the wrong coffee, I shouldn't drink coffee...oh wait, coffee is good for me, my face is too old...well, I as a person am too old, I deserve better stuff, and a long list of things that will definitely keep me safer and keep me alive almost forever. 

And THAT is just the tip of the iceberg...my house, car, tv, phone, tablet, laptop, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, flooring, lawn, fence, etc... are also sub par and do not adequately reflect my success and worth. 

It's exhausting. It's depressing. And, because we trend toward auto pilot because there is so much mental pollution and it's overwhelming...we do not notice how smothered we are by the barrage of junk values. 

What if we did better for ourselves. What if we grabbed a whip and drove all the money changers out of our internal sanctuary, our temple? What if we proclaimed, like Jesus did, "Take all of this crap out of here! Stop turning God's house (me) into a market!" Okay, the Gospel of John does not say that Jesus said "crap" but I reserve the right to believe he did. 

What if our core values, our internal values. drove all of our decisions, from what we purchase and why to how we build our connections and care for ourselves and one another?

Huh, let's talk on Sunday...
A Formal Invitation to the Season of Lent...
A.K.A. a Plea from Your Pastor
20 days after we celebrate Easter, it will be my 10th Anniversary at Agape MCC. It has been my longest tenure with any church, so it says something to me about the calling we have as a community. You have so captivated and blessed me with your lives and your spirits that even after 10 years I am more energized and excited than I was when I walked into Agape on Day One.
With the role of the church changing in our ever-evolving world, I’ve slowly gotten used to the fact that folks will not often commit to a weekly presence at church…although a good number of you do. Your connection with God does not depend on you ever being in church…that’s one of those capital “T” truths. But you know what, your happiness might. So, I’m asking us to consider committing to being together for the entire season of Lent and into Easter. In a depressed and anxious world, this will be a time of discovering what matters to you and living a life that that is rooted in the things that truly bring meaning, happiness, presence, and purpose. Right Here, Right Now… I am looking forward to a Lent that is like no other!
An Update from Our Security Team
Hello Everyone!

Thanks to all of you that filled out the safety survey in order to give us an idea of your concerns.
I just wanted you to know that we are continuing to work with Sgt. Stokes from the FHPD every other week and are learning a lot.

You will continue to see some little changes and additions to help keep Agape' safe, but as we grow safer it is time to involve YOU.

The most important thing we need to ask everyone is to be very aware of everything that is going on around us when we are at church.

If you see anything at all out of the ordinary we urge you to please tell a security team member immediately. And please – tell your kids to do the same.

Unfamiliar person(s)
Unfamiliar car
Someone acting strangely (even people we might know)
Someone saying things that are not appropriate
Someone carrying a weapon
Fallen electrical wires or branches
Broken glass or other misplaced items
ANYTHING that is unusual or out of place even if it seems small – please find a security person ASAP and tell them.

Security will always be wearing a silver badge and carrying a radio. One will always be near the door at the narthex. If you don’t see a security person tell a Board Member (BOD-please then get security to assist) .

Please understand that your team is consistently being trained on how to handle certain situations and work together with the FHPD on exactly how to respond in a safe manner. The sooner you tell someone, the faster we can act and get help.

Even if a situation seems small – it can make a huge difference in possibly allowing something to be stopped way before it happens.

We know that most everyone is capable of many things but please get one of us to help. It’s very important that you let us know.

MORE NEXT WEEK - Lisa R. O’Grady, Agape' Security Team Lead
Mark your Calendars
Sunday, April 22, 2018
Fat Daddy's Sports and Spirits Cafe, 781 W. Debbie Ln., Mansfield, TX
3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The Agape' MCC community will be launching our new foundation that will give a voice and financial help to those people in crisis who are traditionally under-served and overlooked and have nowhere else to turn. 

We need your presence and your help getting the word out!

Keep an eye out for more details!
Online Giving through SimpleGive
Let’s face it – there’s a growing number of us who don’t carry cash or a checkbook around with us today, so now we’ve made giving to our church as easy as buying a song on your favorite app store! We have four ways to give at Agape' - they’re all really easy!

1. Giving Link on our website

Simply click the SimpleGive logo below, the SimpleGive link at the bottom of every Agape' MCC web page, or you can go right to our giving page by clicking here . This will take you to the secure giving link, and allow you to make your donation.

2. SimpleGive App

Download the SimpleGive App from the Android Play or the Apple App Store. From there, making a contribution is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Open the app, choose who to give to, enter the details and you’re done, in only seconds!

3. Give As Usual

Are you used to putting cash in an envelope or writing a check Sunday morning to be placed in the offering plate? Great! This will be an option as usual if online giving is not something you are interested in pursuing.

4. You may also mail a check to us at:

Agape' MCC, 4615 E California Parkway, Fort Worth TX 76119.

Thank you for your generosity!
Next Gay for Good (G4G) Event - Sat Mar 10
Save Native Texas Habitat
March 10, 9am - noon
G4G will be helping the Trinity River Audubon Center with habitat management, removing invasive plants, and building trails. Please wear work clothes, sturdy shoes, and gloves. Consider wearing a dust mask if you're bothered by weed pollen.

Plan to arrive at 6500 S Great Trinity Forest Way (A.K.A. 6500 S Loop 12) by 9:00am and meet us near the front entrance. They hope to finish by noon.

Afterwards, please join for lunch at Griff’s Hamburgers in Pleasant Grove, 1150 S Buckner Blvd.

The mission of the Trinity River Audubon Center is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats, for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity.

Calendar of Events
Wed, Feb 28 - 7pm Wednesday Gathering!
Sun, Mar 04 - 10:30am Worship Sve / 12pm Birthday Sunday!
March Birthdays
  • Mar 03 Zachary Roberts
  • Mar 06 Melisa Price
  • Mar 13 Chris Kalish
  • Mar 15 Rachel Cox 
  • Mar 16 Joe Rice
  • Mar 22 Rose Wolfer-Stephens
  • Mar 25 Sandra Hardin
  • Mar 29 Denise LaRae
Worship - March 4, 2018
The Gathering - Media
Call to Worship - Rev. David Wynn

Song of Welcome - "Sing Over Me" - Community
Words of Welcome - Rev. David Wynn
Time of Greeting - Community 
Time with our Children - Trish Ashton
A Response - "This Little Light of Mine" - Community 
Song of Preparation - "Beautiful One" - Community  
Scripture Reading - John 2:13-16 - Barbara Brittain
Song of Response - "Beautiful One" - Community 
Time of Teaching - "Junk Values" - Rev. David Wynn
Centering Song - "Hear Our Prayer" - Community
Community Prayer - Rev. Robert Myers
Prayer Response - "Hear Our Prayer" - Community
A Time of Offering - Cassy Batts
Celebration of Holy Communion - Kevin Harkins
Song of Sending Forth - "God is Holding Your Life" - Community
The Sending Forth - Rev. David Wynn
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