May 16, 2018
This Week's News and Updates
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This Week's Wednesday Gathering - 7pm

Plan to join us for a joint venture this week! Those who feel so led will meet for about 30 minutes in the Social Hall for a time of meditation and then we will move into the social for coffee and conversation... possibly some games?

We want to hear about what you would like to see happening at Agape in the future and share some details about things that are happening and coming up!!
It's Pentecost Y'all - by Rev. David Wynn

My people used to say, “if you want to figure out where you are going, it’s helpful to know where you’ve been.” Pentecost gives us a chance to reach back over the ages to the fiery and blustery beginning of the church and our ancestors who were “amazed and disturbed” by the surprising breaking in of God’s Spirit.

For the Jewish community Pentecost happens five weeks after the Passover meal. It is a Festival of Weeks, a harvest festival, and a time for Jewish people from all over the world to gather and celebrate.  For people of the way, as the early Christians called themselves, it became a moment of transformation and a “radioactive” revelation that God was ever present, ever relational, ever creating and inviting us to imagine what wonders lie ahead for all of us.

Pentecost invites us to uncharted territories of visions and dreams…wind, fire, breath.  Where is the Spirit driving us now? Let’s see what happens on Sunday…plan to be amazed and disturbed!
This Sunday at Agape'

The Royal Wedding...

Is a great excuse to wear our gaudiest hats, eat pork tenderloin, eat mashed potatoes, and have our annual cheesecake bake off!!

So bring your hat this Sunday, a side or salad to add to the feast, and wear your stretchy pants! Oh and paper money...that’s how we will vote for our favorite cheesecake! :-)
"For we are God's masterpiece. Created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things that God has planned for us long ago." - Ephesians 2:10.

Loving God,

As we come before you as individuals, and as one body in this short time of prayer help us to remember that we are your masterpiece.

In the times that we feel insignificant, let us remember our value to you, that we are created in your image, and called to be your ambassadors upon this earth.

In the times that you call us forward to speak out against injustice in the world, and stand for what is right: help us to remember that you planned our works for us before the foundation of the world - and that you know us intimately in all of our complexity, weakness, and strength.

And in the times that we feel alone in the wilderness, instill in us your peace that transcends all understanding, that we may cry with boldness and passion "Prepare the way for our God".

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Prayer submitted by Lachlan Boeree, Crave MCC, Australia.
From the Coalition for Aging LGBT
Upcoming Workshops - From Judy Hudson

This summer, I am offering classes in how to create Mesmerizing Mosaic Tiles (June 16 and July 21) and Magical Underwater World (June 23 and July 28). I use a lot of clay to create 3D mixed media artwork and many people have asked me about my techniques and methods.

All four classes are from 9-4, held at the social hall at Agape'. All materials and lunch are included AND provided in the registration fee.  Classes are limited to 15 people . If you follow the link, you'll find the registration forms for each class. Hope to see you there!
Calendar of Events
  • Wed, May 16 - 7pm Wednesday Gathering
  • Thu, May 17 - 6:30pm Grief Support Group
  • Fri, May 18 - 7pm LGBT SAVES Scholarship Dinner - Private Reservation
  • Sat, May 19 - 9am-12pm Church Workday!
  • Sun, May 20 - 10:30am Worship Service / M,G&E Cheesecake Bake-Off!
  • Mon, May 21 - 6pm Worship Team Mtg / 7pm Board Mtg
  • Wed, May 23 - 7pm Wednesday Gathering
  • Thu, May 24 - 6:30pm Grief Support Group
  • Sun, May 27 - 10:30am Worship Service
  • Mon, May 28 - 6pm Worship Team Mtg
  • Wed, May 30 - 7pm Wednesday Gathering
  • Thu, May 31 - 6:30pm Grief Support Group
May Birthdays
  • May 03 - Judy Hudson
  • May 04 - April Nash
  • May 07 - Mark Vega
  • May 16 - Helen Smith
  • May 23 - Teresa Mallott 
  • May 29 - Candy Davidson
  • May 31 - Tyler Spence
Sunday - May 20, 2018
Call to Worship - Media

Morning Meditation - Rev. David Wynn

Song of Intention - "Oceans" - Community

Words of Welcome - Rev. David Wynn

Time of Greeting - Community

Time With Our Children - Trish Ashton

Response - "This Little Light of Mine" - Community

Song of Preparation - "In the Secret" - Community

Scripture Reading - Acts 2:1-6; 12-17 - Mark Howell

Song of Response - "In the Secret" - Community

Time of Teaching - "Radioactive" - Rev. David Wynn

Centering Song - "Healing Rain" - Community

Community Prayer - Rev. Robert Myers

Prayer Response - "Healing Rain" - Community

A Time of Offering - Cassy Batts

Celebration of Holy Communion - Kevin Harkins

Song of Sending Forth - " The River is Here" - Community

The Sending Forth - Rev. David Wynn
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