Thomas A. Farrington
President and Founder
Prostate Health Education Network
Boston, MA
Keith Crawford, MD, PhD
Director of Clinical Trials and Patient Education
Prostate Health Education Network
Boston, MA

Presenters Include
John D. Carpten, PhD
Professor and Chair
 of Translational Genomics
Univ. of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA
Andrew Coop, MBCHb, BSc
North America Head of
Oncology Medical Affairs
Pfizer Oncology
New York City, NY
Christian Poehlein, MD
Project Lead, Translational
Tumor Immunotherapy 
Merck &
Princeton, NJ
Charles Ryan, MD
Professor of Medicine, Division of Hematology, Oncology and Transplant
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

Clinical Trial Participants
African American prostate cancer patients
Mr Jimmy Barnes
Durham, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Euvon Jones
Washington, DC
"Daddy's Boys" Stage Play
Episode II: "Just Like Your Daddy"
Sept. 16th, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EST
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