November 24th, 2021
Throughout the last 5 Sundays, we’ve talked about Thin Places. Thin places are locations or moments where our sense of the Sacred is more pronounced than at other times. Thin places we’ve shared were the places of Awe, Fear, Remembrance, Heartbreak, and Interruption. 
The places of awe inspire us toward gratitude or remind us of our small place in the world. They also reveal how very little of it is in our control. 
Although fear can scare us and distract us from facing God, we learn to ask God for help from places of fear. This is where faith in something more than ourselves begins to take root.
In places of remembrance, God invites us to remember what God has done, so that we might be inspired to go where God is calling us next. 
The only place we want to get stuck in less than a place of fear is a place of pain or heartbreak. However, in these places, we learn to see ourselves and our need for God most clearly.
God constantly comes into our lives and calls us into God’s mission. In the places of God’s interruption, although they may not be convenient moments, we are invited to step out of our places, live in the mission of God, and follow God’s will.
There are probably many other places we haven’t shared. However, by sharing these places, I hope that, at every moment and location in our lives, we hear the voice of God, feel the love of Jesus Christ, and walk in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
May the unfailing love of our God be with us all the time.
Pastor Woo.